New Edition to our family.

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  1. New Edition to our family.

    This is the newest edition to our family. Here's Eli and his new little sister, Peyton.

    Ok, I'm a little nuts, I admit it. We now have Cooper, Eli and Peyton...all rescues. The names are the names of Archie Manning's boys. I've been a Saints fan since the my Daddy took me to the very first game at Tulane Stadium. Archie Manning was every bit as good of a quarterback as his boys, Peyton and Eli, he just never had the receivers. Archie also has done so much for the City of New Orleans. We just love him. Soooo, I don't know if he would be honored or not, but I've named all three of my dogs after his sons and it's meant as a tribute. Hubby says he thanks God Archie stopped at three kids.:D So without further ado, here's Eli and Peyton!

  2. That picture is too cute. Eli looks like he will demolish anyone who gets near Peyton.

    Thanks for sharing Sister,
  3. :D That is the sweetest little thing, my heart strings are gone. Thank you for sharing.
  4. Very cute! Hide the slippers when he starts teething!:D
  5. A cutie for sure :)
  6. Hey what's with the electronic collar? Is he on home confinement from the cops?:D:cool: Jus kiddin sis. That is a cute puppy:p:israel:

    Chili out
  7. Nope Brother Chili, he's under yard arrest for trying to leave the property without permission.:D

    Thanks everybody she is a sweetheart isn't she? We just love her bunches already.

    Blessings, Cheri
  8. I just realized that I said edition instead of addition. :D

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