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Discussion in 'Biblical Advices' started by Angel2Drew, Aug 8, 2006.

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  2. Do you really think so? I'm of the opinion that the first few verses of John are way too difficult for a spiritual babe. The words are simple, yes. But the concepts are rather deep. I would rather see a new Christian get to know Jesus first by reading one of the other gospels, like maybe Luke. Again, just my opinion.
  3. I had a Bible with just the book of John. It was written in very simple english and this helps a new christian to learn enjoyably. They also say that the words "believe," "life," "love," "truth," "eternal" are more often used in this book than any other Gospels.
    Luke has a physicians point of view and might be good for christians wanting healing and wanting to know about Jesus's life on earth and how He cared for everyone.
  4. I think a new believer should read up John first, but with someone to guide him. There are many spiritual truths concerning salvation in there, and it's the gospel that most clearly potrays Jesus' indentity as the Son of God.

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