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Discussion in 'New Members Welcome' started by ruthT, Apr 30, 2014.

  1. To all the Saints here. I am getting very tired on this Earth. I can not find a local Church that preaches from God's word and has sound Doctrine. It is as though I am surrounded by a world that could care less about God's Truth; including " self professing Christians ". I just want to be around the Word and people that are sincere in their faith. In Christ Jesus. Doug.
  2. It is getting difficult to find a good church these days. And yes there is a lot of people that don't care about God or the truth. I belong to a Christ centered church that does not put a sugar coating on the word. But alas, I will be moving 3000 miles. When I get there God will guide me to another group.
    I agree with you that " I just want to be around the Word and people that are sincere in their faith"
    May God Bless you abundantly this day and always.
  3. God has led you to the right place then! Welcome! Also, is that a llama? I used to have nightmares about those when I was a kid. They would chase me and try to bite me.
  4. Sounds like you need to start a Bible believing Church where you are!
  5. Thanks Brian, I agree this is the right place for me now. I am sorry about the Llama; this is a totally friendly one though. I would remove it if it really bothers you. " God did not give us a spirit of fear". Blessings to you.
  6. Thanks; If God calls me to that I would run for it. " Be still and know that I am God".
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  7. Lol. It's fine. LLamas and I have made amends ;)
  8. Thanks much Chili. I am Blessed already here.
  9. We are all ministers to the lost.... ;) Whether we know it or now, we are 'seen' by all. (Be the salt and the light)
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  10. Welcome!
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  11. Welcome. :)
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  12. I stopped going to "church" years ago... tried a new "church" and stopped again, but then I moved to a country (for work) where I don't speak the local language so...
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