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  1. Have you come across this book by R.C. Sproul? He is a well known reformed preacher. Have great respect for him.. I was hearing on radio about this new book - Not a chance. Heard a little in his interview on what the book talks about.. It is pretty much saying the universe is not here because of chance. In Christian theology, there is nothing like a chance. Because we cannot provide explanation for something, we say it happened by chance. He took this example - tossing a coin. We think it's only a chance that it will land up in heads or tails. But the truth is, the outcome is predictable by considering various variable factors. Wind, pressure, speed, number of rotations and so on.. If these are known, we can find the outcome. So it is not actually a chance. Because we do not know the variables, we call it a chance. Now scientists are doing the same thing to creation. That universe came out of nothing. He defends saying "nothing is NOT something".

    So, what do you think about this term chance as per Bible?
  2. They cast lots to find the culprit to their predicament and found it fell on Jonah. They did the same to replace the apostle Judas and it fell on Matthias. To God there is no chance, He knows all from beginning to end.
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  3. Amen to that!
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  4. You might find it interesting that the Hebrew language has no word for "coincidence".
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  5. I didn't know that! Cool!
  6. In all honesty, I am also a culprit here.. Often we casually "what a coincidence". Often we give credit to chance rather than hand of God.. We attribute things to nature rather than hand of God.. We have be in a constant state of being aware of the mighty presence of God in all aspects of this universe..
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  7. You know,you are not really supposed to answer your own question, but what other answer might a believer offer? The more we learn, it seems, the more creation is confirmed. Naturally, there are those with closed minds who will disregard anything acknowledging a god and,especially, the God. But for anyone who's heart is not so hard as to disregard divinity, there is ever more justification for recognizing the power and sovereignty of the God of the Bible.
  8. If I discount all the evidence for air, then obviously air can't exist either. o_O
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  9. I love it!! :D (y)

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