New blogs section opened

Discussion in 'Staff Announcements' started by Jeffin, Oct 30, 2007.

  1. New blogs section opened

    I've kept the blogs closed for sometime while installing the original blog software from the developers of this forum. Now, I have opened it up.

    Note: The old blogs are not there. I'll install it at another location for you to copy once my exams are over (roughly in 1 month). Sorry about that. :eek:

    You can now start blogging at CFS......:D:D
  2. It looks.......Gooooooooooood :D

    Thank you Jeff !!!!!
  3. Thanks Sylv. :D
  4. I really like it! :)
  5. I like it to. It's developed by the original forum developers. It won't cause any conflicts with the main software we use. :)
  6. I forgot to post a link to the blogs section those who don't know where it is:
    You can find it along with the other links (UserCP, Memberlist, Logout etc) on the top blue bar.
  7. Jeff...............

    I seem to see all the entries, recent and best, but I don't seem to find the blog know, the one that lists all the blogs by title....??!!

    Would you know where that is please brother?

    Thanks :D
  8. wow, I,m glad you,ve found that Jeff.........
    I definitelly would never have found that by mysef :eek:

    Thanks :)
  9. You are welcome Sylv. :D Btw, I got permission from Jelsoft to open up a test forum. I'll install the old blog software in there for previous bloggers to shift their blogs to the new one. :)
  10. wow, i,m impressed Jeff :D
    nice one brother :israel:

    I,ll :pok at it when i :eek:ome back
    :jesus-sign:please :amen:rgive :liturgy:my zeal about :cool:snilies, :eek:my lit:cool:e n:confused:iece :confused:o:confused:oooooooooooooves the:eek: :pm
  11. ok:pray: :pray:she wanted to do anothe:mad:r :(iling post:p......:p.......:p..........:phow could i resist :D..................:D

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