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  1. Do you believe that God is still creating new beings? There have been discovered beings that weren't discovered before, but do you think that God is creating new beings still?

    Also, are all the beings created by God only, or did the Devil also create some beings?
  2. Genesis 3:15 And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.
    -I too have a question. According to the above scripture, when God cursed the serpent, what did He mean by thy seed? Is it the devil or the real serpent? If it is the Devil, do spirit beings reproduce like the human beings?
  3. God is creating new beings constantly. Every human or animal born is a new being (some would say every living thing).
    The Devil and his angels do not have the power to create anything. Only God can create ex nihilo (out of nothing).

    The Devils "children" are all those who serve him.

    Spirits do not reproduce.
  4. But does God create new species?

    Also, in 2012 I wished for Severus Snape to exist, and I also did some witchcraft to make Severus Snape exist, but I don't think they ever worked, and I think God would NEVER make a fictional wizard exist, but then again, is it possible that a being gets born without any other being making the being, and is it possible that a being can suddenly appear and become physical without any other being creating the being, and is it possible that atoms suddenly start forming the being by getting together, and is it possible that something physical and/or a physical being gets born on Planet Earth the same way like planets are born? And if any or all of those things are possible, is it possible that the being gets the identity, clothes, home, money, and everything a human needs the same day the being gets born or appears physically without any other being making the being? Just answer my question, I want to know if any of those things are possible? Because 2 months after I stopped wishing for that wish and I stopped doing the witchcraft, a lot of people started telling me that Severus Snape exists, and that they met him, and that he lives in Dorset, a mansion, etc. and that they saw him, and that they have his contact details, etc.

    I don't believe Severus exists, but I am just worried if he actually exists (I don't mean Alan Rickman), because I don't know if those things I asked about the birth and appearance of a being can be possible, because science tells many things, but what does the science say about those things?

    I am serious and honest, but I am VERY curious, but I am quite gullible.
  5. I'll see if I can give you a sensible set of replies for all that.

    Your attempt to create Severus Snape was a failure, that I can guarantee. As Christ said "by thinking, none of us can make one hair black or white".
    A being comes into existance by his of her body being created by the body of it's parents and it's soul by God.
    Every being has God as it's author.
    Planets are not born, they acrete due to gravity.
    Those who said that Snape exists in Dorset are either lying to you or delusional themselves.
  6. I agree. But then again, I did find out in a British whitepages website that there is a Severus Snape in Dorset, but that might be just a "muggle" who changed the names, looks and personality and maybe the voice too. I also found out there are other Harry Potter characters there in Dorset... Also, the Harry Potter wizarding world cannot exist, even if anyone tries to do some witchcraft to make it exist.
  7. I loved the Harry Potter series of fiction. I am curious why you loved the Severus character. He's a nasty character thru most of the series and only at the very end of the series does he redeem himself by helping Harry understand that he must die to rid himself of the evil that bonded to him as an infant, at the time of his mother's murder. You DO understand that the world portrayed in the Potter books is not real and even they didn't create "new beings" with a wave of a wand, right? Fiction, whether sci-fi or fantasy, are worlds that the author creates to reflect the real world we live in, or otherwise no one reads them. Using "magical thinking" is extrememly dangerous to anyone and everyone's spiritual journey.
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    ok . first all, the devil did not create the heavens and the earth and life therein. therefore he is no creator. since he is no creator, the cannot Create life. he can only corrupt that which God has created and make it evil. inthe beginning he served God in the heavens and was admired by other angels to the point that he became arrogant, corrupt and wanted to be God. he wanted to be God that he was cast out on earth and wanted to be God among men and angels. he even took a third of the heavens to join him in his rebellion against God so that he is worshipped as God. God made him but he was corrupt and was cast with his powers on earth. the powers you have been using in witchcraft. witchcraft is demonic power that is granted to humans to aid in this rebellion. now , he cant bring anything to life for he is no creator but the created. now, if witches brag about demonic power as their own they are foolish for it is at a price, in exchange for their spirits to do the demons bidding then burn with him when Christ comes back . he is only an imitator of the real deal - God. He is no God, and never will be.if God is superior than the devil, how much more powerful are christians than witches since they have God as their source of power??? he only wants men to worship him in exchange for the worldly witch power he gives them . in the end they will be judged by God himself for taking this power and joining the rebellion. they become as guilty as the devil himself and burn with their master suit. - second death(fire and brimstone)/eternal damnation!!!!!!!! the devils children are corrupted mortals who serve the devil and listen to him like a son listens to his father. after all he is the father of lies, hes corrupted mortal children lie like their father. ever heard of the terminology" like father like son??""
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  9. Severus is just a misunderstood man, and he never meant anything bad. Severus might have a type of Autism too, he seems like it because he is very intelligent at the same time. I love Severus because he is handsome (in movies and books too because I like the way how Severus is described physically in the books, but I love the movie version Severus), mature, intelligent, and very masculine. I understand Severus a lot, because I also have certain personalities that Severus has too. Severus might have Aspergers, Tourette's maybe, or maybe the same type of Autism like me too. :3
  10. autism is not always demonic influence. my son has autism. some diseases are Gods will. we must learn to distinguish the two.
  11. Ahh. Thanks for your reply. I think I understand :^). Tho "spiritually flawed" (as are we all), Severus was redeemed in the end. I'm starting to like him more, too.
  12. I replied before seeing your post, Pamela. I agree about Autism, I would only disagree in that Autism is never demonic. But the point Polly was making is also true - whatever flaws we human beings may have - we can all be redeemed.
  13. Ok, but be careful, as some people maybe didn't watch all the Harry Potter movies yet, so don't say the spoilers. :3

    Also, I don't really believe in Snape's death. 1. Harry Potter is 100% fiction, so nothing in Harry Potter ever happened. 2. They don't say in the books or movies that what happened to Severus after he "died", so he might have been faking the death, or surviving, because even my intuition says that Rowling is keeping in secret that Severus is alive, and my intuition is almost always accurate. ;3
  14. "So let it be written. So let it be done." I love that ole movie phrase. Severus lives on in fiction, from whence he came. Rowling is not doing as well, popularity wise since the series ended - so who knows? You might be right. I hope you have stopped with the spells and such, after all - we don't want to open portals to pain and perdition. That you are here, in this forum tells me that you seek truth. Just beware the pitfalls. I pray... for you, me and all of us.
  15. Ok, but can I still love Severus Snape ROMANTICALLY? I hope you didn't pray anything about my love life? Just asking. And by the way. I got the intuition powers since the day I was born, but are intuition powers any sign of something bad?
  16. Rofl. Love is always a good thing. Intuition has sometimes been captioned as the good angel and the bad devil on your shoulder - but I believe we were all born with the sense of right and wrong, spiritually. Follow your heart, follow the Love - you will always find your way back to God.
  17. Okay, thank you for letting me love Severus Snape romantically. :3 I was just asking because some people sometimes pray that I find a real life man, or that I would forget Severus or that my romantic feelings for Severus would go away because they think that it's unhealthy or sinful to have romantic feelings for a fictional wizard. But I just want to love Severus Snape romantically forever, and I don't think it's wrong to have romantic feelings for a fictional wizard. Today a priest came to my home and the priest said that it's okay to have romantic feelings for Severus, even if the romantic feelings are permanent. I feel that God and Jesus Christ let me love Severus Snape romantically. :3
  18. You love an idea, Polly. It's not the worst thing I ever heard. Nor are you the only one. Examing our love, objectivly, is hard. Curious, again. Are you in love with the unredeemed Severus? Or the misunderstood Severus? I'm assuming by romantically, you mean consuming, consumption, completion in a physical way? I'm not sure how you do that with an idea. Generally, it might mean transferring that love to an unredeemed person in hopes that what you seek will be there. Trying here to choose the right words. You see something in Severus that is like yourself. It is not wrong to love yourself. It could be wrong to reflect yourself on another and hope they will change to meet your hopes. All journeys are solo with only one exception - God is always with you.
  19. I love Severus, the misunderstood and the unredeemed. And by romantically I mean that I want Severus as my boyfriend and husband.
  20. But Severus, while misunderstood, in the end, is redeemed. He does the "right thing". I want to ask what you are playing at but that infers what we are talking about isn't serious. I'm guessing you have already "picked" your Severus and wanted confirmation. And maybe you are lead to the truth. It's a free will world. You choose.

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