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    As a minority (atheist) where I live, it's tough to have real conversations about religious ideas with non-atheists. I thought it might be a good idea to come here to get some questions answered as I think of them and gain some better understanding of beliefs. I'm not here to sway anyone's opinion, and I hope you'll do the same for me.
  2. Welcome kmel! I'm sure we will all do our best to answer any questions that you may have. My first question to you though, why join a Christian forum to get your questions answered instead of reading the Bible or picking up a book on Christianity? I have a friend who identifies as atheist but says he 'wants' to believe he just can't. Is this your stance as well?
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  3. Dear @kmel, before you get into discussions please make sure you have read our rules. They apply to all our members. Thank you and welcome to CFS.
  4. I decided to join a Christian forum because I think it's the best way for me to get differing opinions, as I know not all Christians believe 100% the same thing on all topics. In regards to your second question, no, that is not my stance. I did "believe" once in my life, I gave it an honest chance and really believed I was saved. At this point, I am indeed an atheist, however, (and I think this is true for most people), I cannot say with 100% certainty that there is OR is not any gods. I make no claim to that knowledge.
  5. Thanks, I read the rules. My intention is never to upset anyone, but I realize any person can be offended over anything, regardless of intent.
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  6. My concern when atheist joins a Christian forum, they sounds awful……
    • Always complaining, instead of being thankful
    • Hypocrites on seeing the hypocrisy of church member but not seeing his own sin
    • About the law:
      • judgmental, instead of respecting the wisdom of great leaders at that time and circumstances….
      • Sarcastic, instead of contemplating the wisdom in the parables, of law and righteousness
      • Rebellious, .that is: that man can do it alone…
    • About salvation history
      • I have no idea why they backslide, most likely, I think, of what was mentioned above….
    So, please try not to sound awful….. be positive and be thankful : )
  7. Welcome kmel, I am a new to this forum as well, though I am not an atheist. I'm happy your here, maybe you can learn some important things that can possibly help you in your life. With that being said I am interested in some of the things you have had to say so far but are left a bit confused.
    You first said you wanted to understand some "beliefs", on what though, what Christians believe? You then said in a reply to a user on here that you did "believe" once and really believed you were saved. If I may ask you with genuine interest, what exactly did you "believe" and why did you once really believe that you were saved? It is true that not all Christians believe 100% the same thing on all "topics", things like the nephilim's or things like holidays but Christians do agree 100% on who our God is. If your not comfortable answering my questions it's okay but am very curious to hear what you have to say!. Again welcome to the Christian Forum Site!.:)
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  8. Yes, I am curious to know what Christians think about certain topics. I do not think any of my questions are offensive or "challenging", and after i utilize the search function, I may find what I'm looking for anyway.
    It is a long story, but in a nutshell, I really gave "religion" a chance, went to several churches and talked to friends about it. I was basically told that all I have to do is ask for forgiveness and asked to be saved (genuinely of course), and I did that.
  9. Oh okay, well thank you for taking the time to answer my question's!. Perhaps, God is the cause of your interest and curiosity in what Christians think on certain topics, maybe he's trying to get you to draw closer to him, but I am no one to say it is so. I'm happy to hear that you don't think any of your questions are offensive or challenging, I hope you find what you are looking for in this forum!.
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  10. Welcome kmel. I was once atheist myself. I definitely knew when I got saved that Jesus Christ is real and is who he says he is. Before that I would wonder "maybe it's true ?" But would waver when I heard a new scientific discovery that "proved" the bible wrong. And then before that even I was straight human evolution believing atheist. Jesus revealed himself to me-- I did nothing it was ALL HIM. So don't feel like you did anything wrong in the way you "believed" at one point. If this is God drawing you in-- then you WILL be his. And you will have no doubt in your heart about it.

    That being said...welcome friend!!
  11. So kmel, what topics are you wanting to know more about regarding Christian beliefs?
  12. Hi Kimel!

    I am very excited to hear your questions. If in any way I can help answer them, I'd love to.
  13. I am curious to know things such as....what do Christians think about the gnostic gospels (Judas, Mary, etc)....The reasons why some believe non-human animals do go to heaven, while others believe they do not go to heaven...Various topics like that. I've been using the search tool and have found several threads to some of my curiosities.

    I have also seen some posts I am curious about....why there is a stereotype about atheists that we are angry or unhappy, or angry with god? An atheist would not be angry with god, as we do not believe in a god....and about atheists being angry or unhappy...I would say we are just like anyone else. Some are angry or unhappy I suppose, just like anyone else. I really try to stay away from grouping people into stereotypes.

    Anyway, you may not see new threads from me if I find the search function satisfactory. Thank you to everyone who has welcomed me.
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  14. I definitely agree that not all atheists should be stereo-typed as angry or unhappy.... Having said that- the reason it happens is because we truly believe that atheists are spiritually dead having not known the truth. Therefore, we believe that they are unhappy in a sense. I know atheists that I don't think are angry but of course knowing the joy we have in Christ, it seems like not having that is the opposite of happy!

    But I really don't know...if you say you are happy than it's kind of rude and disrespectful not to take your word. :)
  15. There is a stereotype against atheists, and I apologize.

    But, there is a stereotype against Christians as well.

    And then even I am stereotyping people, because I'm saying everyone stereotype everyone when they don't. Haha.

    This world just stereotypes. It's easy for me when people stereotype me just to shrug it off, because I know who and how I am, so I don't need to prove to anyone otherwise. If they want to stereotype me, I can't really stop them from doing it. It's out of my hands and out of my control. :)

    I know you may be an atheist who's not angry at God because you don't believe in God. But there are some atheists who I have met (I once was) who have hated God but yet didn't believe in Him.

    But anyways, I am glad that you are here! I say this in all sincerity :)
  16. There are more than two hundred places in the New Testament where the condition for salvation is spelled out, and in all these, cases faith or belief is given as the one and only condition.

    One must believe that Jesus has accomplished the salvation work on one's behalf. To be saved, one must believe not just that He died, but that He died for one's own sins. If one believes that Yeshua the Messiah died for his sins, that presupposes that one has confessed that he is a sinner. If Yeshua died for one's sins, obviously it means that he is a sinner. So one must believe that Yeshua died for his sins as his substitute, was buried and rose again, and therefore has provided salvation. Thus, one trusts Yeshua for his salvation.

    This is the condition of salvation: faith must be placed in the Messiah as one's substitute for and as one's Savior from the penalty of sin.

    First the word “faith” is used as “conviction that something is true.” Secondly, faith is used as “trust.” Thirdly, faith is used as “persuaded,” and it is stronger than mere opinion, though it is weaker than foreknowledge. Fourthly, faith is used as “belief based upon the facts of knowledge” (Rom. 10:14). And fifth, faith must have an object. The object of faith is God, while the content of faith is the death of the Messiah for one's sins, His burial and Resurrection.

    If we are saved because of our faith then we aren't saved by what our faith is in. We are saved thru believing in the finished work not because we believe the finished work. The work of God saves and we receive the benefit of that work by trusting that that work alone is sufficient payment in the eyes of God our Father to satisfy His requirement for our sins, that payment is the blood of the only begotten Son of God.
    Indeed my brothers and sisters the blood of Messiah is of infinite value.
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  17. Hi Kimel,

    Personally I am not well versed on the Gnostic Gospels because the two times I started to read something from them it was so spiritually apparent to me that they were not divinely inspired that I did not have any desire to read any further. They lack depth and life and sound like a person wrote them. Since you are an atheist this probably doesn't help you too much, because the Spirit of God that someone gets upon salvation is what recognizes what is God's true word. God's Spirit gives believers a spiritual understanding that helps them discern the truth.
  18. Hello and welcome to the forum.

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