New Age Movement, a massive deception

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  1. New Age philosophy is extremely popular these days, especially because of Oprah Winfrey, Shirley MacLaine and other celebrities, but I have no doubt this is a massive deception.

    These practices (reiki, yoga, astrology, tarot card reading, etc) may seem harmless but they aren't.

    It's not even a question of freedom of speech, because nobody has the right to speak lies.

    'Now the Spirit expressly says that in later times some will depart from the faith by devoting themselves to deceitful spirits and the teachings of demons' (1 Timothy 4:1)

    I have to confess I studied astrology for a while, because a relative of mine insisted I took a course on the subject. I even did birth charts for my friends but I never really took an interest in it and quit after just a year. I believe the Holy Spirit was already working in me at the time and kept me safe from that filth.

    Let me just give an example or two of how deceitful those astrology teachings were:

    a) Jesus Christ was often mentioned and praised but He was never described as the Son of God; to them, Jesus is just another prophet or mentor. Our teacher even said once that the name Christ had no special meaning or significance, it was just a title!

    b) Needless to say, discernment is not a major theme in astrology. To these guys, all spirits are friendly and great. Demons were never mentioned in those classes, not even once - it wouldn't be politically correct...

    More recently, I was reading this article on Wicca and according to these guys, everything that does not offend others is morally acceptable. I stopped reading right there. This may seem logical but it really isn't, it's deceitful and satanic. According to this, suicide and blasphemy against the Holy Spirit would be morally acceptable and they obviously aren't.

    May God give us the strength and the wisdom to avoid these false doctrines.

    By the way, the relative I mentioned, who was heavily into the occult and new age practices for years, is now a diagnosed schizophrenic. Hallucinations, paranoia, violent behaviour, the symptoms are all there.
  2. I studied astrology for many years. I never got much into the progressed charts but I was adept at natal charts. I found my conclusions (when I could make them) valid but rarely did I see it in others work. My "mentor" in astrology and other occult things was my Mother's age, Roman Catholic, and a serial adulteress. I remained Christian throughout but in looking back, I was not a good one and wandered far off the path. My mentor charged a lot of $$ for what I thought of as..well not worth even $5 bucks worth. (I never charged for anything I did). I did it for my own understanding and left it when it seem to offer nothing and produced no fruit. I have studied/researched demonology and I suppose that kept me from falling completely off path. I read all of MacClains books - and it is in part how I got interested in "aliens". But that's another story. I liked a lot of what Oprah did but haven't watched her in years - so I have no idea what she's currently into.
    After I got more or less back on the road, a few years ago, I was outside on a summer's day, waiting for a ride. So I sat down on the grass and pulled out Malachi Martin's Hostage to the Devil, which I was rereading. A woman came up, out of the blue, and asked what I was reading. I told her about it briefly and we got talking religion. She said she was a christian but one daughter was wiccan and a son had converted to Islam. She proudly beamed how proud she was and people should be tolerant. I told her not to read the book because she would end up terrified for her kids and grand kids.
    I have looked/read in the occult and new age stuff and it all seems to have little kernels of "truth" that lead straight to hell do not pass go.
    I could go on for hours here but what isn't of God should be avoided at all cost because it is from the Adversary. And nothing good ever came from there.
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  3. New age deception is horrible. I have been through it, massive bunch of lies.
    Just recently helping pull someone out of it, schizophrenic symptoms rooted in new age deception. I would make sure any new age material/occult in the house is trashed. You do not want to invite those demons in or have anything they can claim legal right to torment and deceive you.
    Recently another friend who I would classify as seeker and not fully committed (she hasn't been baptised) tried to read my horoscope. Before I knew it she was on the laptop punching in my chart but I yawned and said, so what, I know my identity in Christ, I'm born again from above so I don't need this. She didn't have anything to say after that.
    I'm praying she stops this nonsense because it seemed like she was looking up crushes to see if she was compatable. I'm like..I don't know and I don't care, it's no use to me anyway. If God wants me to be with someone, I don't need to check a horoscope.
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  4. Yes, this is definitely a problem.

    Her house is filled with all sorts of new age materials: books, birth charts, paintings.

    And here's something weirder: I recently bought a St Benedict crucifix, which is used by Catholic exorcists, and put it in one of the rooms. She went crazy, even though she had no idea who St Benedict was. She couldn't stop talking about it for several weeks, she said she didn't like crucifixes and even said that 'it was going to be useless'.

    I don't know if she is possessed or not but she's definitely under some sort of negative influence. Hallucinations, paranoia, shrewdness, the foulest language you can possibly imagine and aversion to crucifixes: the temporal lobe surely doesn't explain all this!

    Here's another weird incident: when I told her I was going to become a Sunday school teacher she went raging mad and started speaking all sorts of nonsense! What kind of reaction was that?!
  5. There's really nothing new about it :p
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  6. Oh dear.
    She needs the gospel, and deliverance.
    Surely she doesnt want to stay like this?
    Pray for her.

    I noticed in new age circles they abhor any mention of the lord jesus christ. Its ok that hes a teacher, or prophet, but the truth that he is the son of God come to save us from our sins rankles them so much, that he died and lives again is just too much. New age ppl deny there is anything as sin, its just mistakes or learnings. Also the light they speak of is really dark. They dont want anyone dying for their sins, cos satan wants them, and would prefer they die instead, cos hes after their souls.
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  7. Shirley maclaines daughter wrote a memoir called lucky me about what its like to have shirley for a mother. I have to say...pray for her daughter as well. Shirley is nuts. Her daughters book is really disturbing. The only reason why maclaine isnt in the nuthouse is cos shes a celebrity and its seen as normal behaviour, even encouraged.

    I think the last book maclaine wrote she was going on about her dog, and how he was much better than having a man. Puh lease. Nobody cares what you think about your dog...
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  8. At the least, Flavio, I would say "oppressed". At what age was your relative when this started? The average age for showing symptoms of schizophrenia is early 20's. The distinction between actual schizophrenics and "possessed" is perhaps a fine line. The possessed's "normal" self can be trapped by the meds prescribed for the condition. Anyone "possessed" must want to be free and converted to Christ. Else spirits will return with 7 more hellish friends. I have added your household to my prayer list.
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  9. Thank you so much for your support, guys!

    Believe me, I really need it right now.
  10. New age, old lies.
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  11. Have you guys ever noticed that when people reject The Gospel for "Logical" reasons what they accept in it's place?

    For example.. We all know people who reject the bible over "Science"... but what do they choose in it's place? Occult that's FAR, FAR less "Logical" and "Sciency" than the bible... One of my friends who rejected Christianity over "Evidence and Reason" decided to practice a religion that believes there are colonies of people on the moon and mars...

    I have heard from a lot of "Old Timers" that the one thing they couldn't believe about the "End times" prophecies was the explosion of witchcraft, sorcery, idolatry, Occult, and the like.... They all said that this was really the one thing that they just couldn't figure out - because the big push in schools was Rational thought, Evidence, Reason, and Logic.... and while they saw people rejecting the Gospel over "Rational" reasons or "Lack of evidence" - they couldn't conceive that those same people would then accept things FAR less rational or evidence based....

    And yet - it's exactly what we see is happening.... and I am not talking about simply reading the Horoscope in the back of the TV Guide....
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  12. Flavio, I'll be keeping your family in my prayers!
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  13. Thank you, God bless you! :)
  14. Absolutely. It's a huge pile of lies, most of it doesn't even have any coherence at all.

    The Bible, by the contrary, makes perfect sense. It is much less alegorical and more literal than we think and science keeps proving that the Word was right all along.

    2,000 years ago, Jesus described the interior of the earth with total accuracy!
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