New Again...

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  1. New Again...

    Hi my name is Shaun Hill, and I'm from Prince George, VA. I'm 20 years old, and I have a lot of problems lol. I work for Wellpoint(aka. Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield) as a Tier 1 Help Desk Analyst. I drive a '93 mustang(with a bad alternator lol) and I've been a Christian for eight years now. I moved to Prince George about 6 months ago from Woodbridge, VA. The reason I made the title, "New Again..." is because I just recently re-committed my life to Christ. I don't know many people where I live, and I need the Christian fellowship, and that is why I joined this forum. :) Thanks to everyone in advance!
  2. Welcome to our family Shaun.
  3. Hi Shaun,
    Great to have you with us.
  4. Hello and Welcome, Shaun!

    I lived in Woodbridge, Va.! Is Bob's Big Boy still there?
  5. Welcome! hope you like it here!
  6. Welcome Brother Shaun, I am glad to hear of your recommitment to our Lord and Savior!


  7. lol I'm not sure what that is...I'm going up there today to visit my parents maybe I can check, where was it?
  8. Welcome to the forum, dear brother in Christ!!!
    Blessings to you!


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