Never criticize

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  1. Never criticize

    "Never criticize yourself there are always plenty of people willing to do it for you" :D;):cool:
  2. I have to remember that one!!!



  3. Hey Brother Larry..... I like that one.And it's so true. If you point your finger at someone there is two pointing back at you.:israel::israel::israel::israel:
  4. To not faint for dealing of the weakness of disoriented thinking is not to be critical for needless difficulty,Rather good spirit in things do not interfere the confidence in all things to seem well of, that one is not delicate in woe, and for what but no good in woe.? Do you want to be above the doubting, so be it to lead towards effective orientation, the orientation that matters.. We all need doubtless providing of good in life, it is not good to think for ills to the discouragement of making nonsense of outcomes for living life. To be encouraged easily, then there is no room for belittle. Better to be safe then to walk in danger, danger is lead by madness of judgment as well. Criticizing is just damage..

    In Christ Shepard, what have we?:cross:
  5. I am afriad you lost me on that one Confidence!:confused:
  6. In short what I mentioned is, Criticizing is a bait for low esteem useless for what is meant for something better, did you think it well to make of things like that.? If you did, in such you shall proceed. If you did not, then you make better sense of this.

    Boanerges, I think you a gentle man.
  7. Thanks for the kind words Confidence.
  8. Kindness strengthens humans and their lives..

    I am even more thankful for your appreciating, that your special sentiment gave way for now for my encouragement to be motivated here in CFS. Something to be proud of is your good heart, Boanerges.. Don't you dare be discouraged for the value within you can conquer giants.

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