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Discussion in 'Requests for Assistance' started by Blessed Beth, Mar 12, 2016.

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  1. if you stew on the problem it won't go anywhere,
    I said spend every morning in the word of God for half an hour
    I said spend every morning in prayer for half an hour,
    find your pastor,
    don't cry and whine, life is hard for ALL OF US at one time or another.
    God is real and will help you,
    don't cry and whine except to him. Make your request known to him.
    You will stay in the dark moment until you look to the light. are you listening????????????????
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  2. Hello Blessed Beth,
    As with other CFS members, my heart goes out to you in this difficult season that your in, but you are not alone! For Jesus reminds us that He will never leave us nor forsake us.
    While reading your post last night I could not help but think how when we saints go through 'anything' we immediately think we have done something wrong, God is against us, it's the enemy etc (I am so included in this) but through my own season (years) of struggling and generally not being where I feel I should be. Almighty God has been opening my eyes to my focus on Him during my time of struggle, how my Faith has been increasing and more-so of what really is God trying to do in your life at this point?!
    You introductory post revealed that you were living a comfortable lifestyle and through a job loss your comfortable life style has been shaken.... I really do feel for you; I really do only God knows, but Perhaps Almighty God wants your focus to change from putting your faith in money and redirecting that focus on to Him who is the source of all things.
    When God wants to do things in our life, it usually starts with a lot of change and that change is usually what we see as loss; removing a lot of things in out life that we put our faith in more than Him. This may be the time to rethink the prayers and questions you are asking Almighty God to asking what He requires you to do in this season for what He is preparing you for. (Only you know). God wants His people to prosper but God will watch how we manage the little He gives us and deals with our Hearts accordingly (Fruit of the Spirit).

    The Word of God tells us ask, but receive not because you ask amiss... James 4:3.
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  3. Blessed 4JC, I hear you and thank you, what I mean to ask, If I pray for intervention to clear what I owe and remain with 0 to spend I am ok. I dont mind having nil money to spend, all I want is to clear what I owe because that is what is finishing me. Advise me on what to do.

    I dont want luxury, I just want nil debts even if I was to only afford food for my children am ok.

    What should I expect from God in such a situation? I cannot fail to focus on this debts because they are calling each day.
  4. Hi BlessedBeth,
    Ok, I do understand what you are saying.
    I'm not sure of what services you have in Kenya for example in the UK we have a service called national debt line, and these people advise you on what services or by law what your options are. (i.e) If you were now in receipt of government benefit's you would only be expected to pay the minimum after writing to those you owe letting them know you were in this predicament. But I don't know in Kenya what government service you would go for.

    Have you made contact with those you owe and advised them of your zero income? What are their policies on when people can no longer pay? What do the contracts (you signed when taking out these loans etc) say about the eventualities of not being able to pay?
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  5. Blessed4JC, thanks, atleast in UK you have good systems in place interms of institutions that can help. Back here, we are yet to reach those levels. The bank repossessed the house mortgage because the contract said failure to pay, the would repossess it, problem is we stopped enjoying the staff rate the moment retrenchment happened and the interest rate was converted to a commercial rate which made it impossible to sustain. The other money owed was from a sharkloaner which I regret deeply as it was a bad choice and am feeling bad already but I was only trying to save the house and the children.
  6. Ok, then you have to ask yourself what is the worst these people can do if you cannot pay? And with this, leave this situation at the capable feet of Jesus, as He definitely knows exactly what your up against. This is a season where your Faith in Christ has to stand!
    My prayers are definitely with you.
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  7. Please pray for patience and understanding from the pple I owe.
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  8. My sister Beth, your plight is not limited to Africa, nor to yourself alone. Recently I also thought I would have to declare bankruptcy. I also struggled financially having great difficulty providing for my family. There are some very rich families who now own over half of the world's wealth, leaving much less for the rest of us. But you are a child of the most High God. The King of kings and Lord of Lords, the owner and ruler of the whole earth. He can provide all your needs, if you believe. Turn your eyes upon Jesus, look full in His wonderful face, and the things of earth will grow strangely dim, in the light of His Glory and Grace. The Lord is bringing me out of my predicament, and He will bring you out of yours as you rely on His grace and worship Him in Spirit and truth. Revelation 7:17 For the lamb who is in the midst of the throne will shepherd them and lead them to living fountains of waters. And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes.
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  9. Amen.
  10. The O.P has not been here in ovet 17 weeks so I am closing this thread so as to not overwhelm her.

    She may have it reopened if she desires.
    Thank You to All that replied bringing hope and love unto this situation.
    God Bless
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