Need your advice

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  1. Need your advice

    Hi everyone-
    I have a really good friend who is an unbeliever/is searching. Anyway, she wanted to go see a movie with me, and she really wants to see the movie Doubt.

    For those who don't know, it's about a Catholic priest who is being accused of "abusing" a student.

    Here is the trailer:

    The movie does looks really good, and when I told her I needed to do more research on the movie it was like I was getting all weird on her again.

    Perhaps it does give a good message, but maybe it doesn't.
    Has anyone seen this movie? Thoughts? (Without spoiling it please!)
  2. Yes, I have seen the movie and I thought it was really good.

    I don't know what you are researching it for? Why you think it might not be suitable to see? What is your concern?

    It is very well done and focuses on the issue of doubt. Starts out that way and ends up that way, through confilcts with two main characters. Doubt is explored through the possiblity of a priest developing an inappropriate relationship with a student. We leave the movie still unsure of what was going on, hence, doubt.

    It also explores other great issues we all face: discernment, clear vs. clouded perceptions, interpreting signs, gut feelings, the vulnerability of a repution, the pervasiveness of a lie for the human purpose of good or evil. It deals with the heirarchy within the Catholic Church (misuse of power, submission, heirarchy, and obedience when given to men and not God (my take on it)). It has a great set up of the priest (compassionate and wrongfully accused, or self-serving?) the nun (right or presumptious, or both?), and a naive young nun who is caught in the middle of the two, who has trouble with confusion and the maturation and preservation of her innocence.

    There is a whole lot of of material in this movie to discuss. Really good subject matter that leads to very thoughtful discussion and exploration - but no answers. If this is a date you are going on, be prepared for disagreeing viewpoints. If you don't need to be right about anything, it will get you and your date thinking and open up lots of ways to talk about ethics, but not necessarily God.

    The movie is non-judgmental. Rather, it opens up so many avenues to our own struggles with truth, lies, deception, innocence, maturity, certainty and of course, doubt. I loved it.

    It also gives an understanding perspective on the nuns position in the Catholic church and some of the very real difficulties of responding to the horror of child abuse within the heriarchical world of the Catholic Church, as well as within the 'real' world.

    If you tend to get defensive of your views, don't go. If you enjoy a good in-depth exploration of two differing viewpoints, then go. 'Cause my only caution is this: there will most likely be disagreement on some very heart-felt topics you are probably passionate about. I wouldn't use this movie as an opportunity to teach. It's more an opportunity to explore - if you enjoy differing viewpoints. If you wanted to take a teaching from the movie to a non-believer, for me it would be that God is perfect and trustworthy, and what beautiful rest we can find in that, because humanity, whether intentioned for good or evil, is deceptive. Of course, good intentions are easier to live with and forgive, but thank God, that we can trust God.

    Personally, I really liked the head nun.
  3. Thanks so much! That really helped. In response to your first question, I really had no idea what the movie was going to portray. Would it give a negative view on Christianity, or would it give a positive view on the dangers of doubt, lying, sin, and disobedience to God? I now see that it's more the latter from your review.

    And no, it's not a date. I'm female. =] Thanks so much for your response!

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