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  1. This is mostly for the ladies. Please be aware of your surroundings. Tonight my wife and I noticed a male in a white van in a WalMart parking lot. When we got out of our truck he approached another woman at her vehicle. The woman had a terrified loon on her face so we approached them and asked if she was ok. She stated no and the man walked away to approach another woman at a vehicle. I gave my son to my wife and I stayed with the first woman. The man noticed I was on to him and went to his van. He stayed there for quite awhile watching people so I called 911. When I started to approach him to get his license plate # he took off pretty fast. Relayed info. Just please be aware of where you are at and who is around you.
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  2. What did he say to the lady?
  3. He was carrying a really small gas can and she said he approached her when her back was turned and was only inches from her asking for money or gas. My question is why was he carrying the gas can? Also why didn't he ask us when we walked up? When he went to the other car it was a girl and mom. He did the exact same thing to the girl. He had every opportunity to ask me for money or gas and I would have gladly filled his tank. This guy was up to something.
  4. Maybe you look like an intimidating guy so he was too scared to ask you, and maybe he thought he was a good looking guy so he thought he would have a better chance with the ladies.
  5. Not at all. I'm pretty good at reading people and both encounters terrified all females involved. Well except my wife. He was waiting in his van for females to come out. And I always have a smile on my face lol.
  6. Well thank God Celle De for the safety of those women - God has used you in this thing!
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  7. I agree with Tressa. So many weird crazy people around- very unsettling- makes me feel revolted. I thank God i found Him. Or He found me. Whichever way i feel so happy He's near.
  8. I always tell my wife that when she's walking out to her vehicle she needs to have her car key out and ready. No digging in her purse or anything like that. Pull your key out before you leave the building walk to your car without stopping unlock the car door, get in, shut and lock the car door. I even do that and I know I could take care of myself in most situations.

    Also, if there is a vehicle parked on the driver side of your vehicle and there are not very many cars around, go to the passenger side and just climb over the seat. I'm not paranoid because I've worked cases where people have been kidnapped that way.

    And remember, pepper spray does nothing for a few seconds so after you pepper spray someone kick and scream for at least fifteen seconds until it kicks in, then run.
  9. How creepy!

  10. This.

    Bc im God
  11. Im glad im God's..bc of this He protects me :)

    _ thats whT I meant to say.

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