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  1. Hi, I'm just going straight to the point with this.

    Basically what happened was the past couple of months, my wife had been going out witnessing with a group she found locally. She felt like God was leading her to do this. Which I was so happy for her! Everything was going great till a month ago, she had an episode where she felt drawn to one of the guy preaching in her group. Long story short, she started to feel an emotional connection with him and didn't know how to stop it. The guy she had that connection with respectfully stayed clear from her till she got right back with God and repent. My question is...Is it ok for her to go back and witness with the same group knowing that guy is there? I don't want to stop her from doing what The Lord has called her to do. Plus it seems like all the people that are out preaching and witnessing are more male than female. She even prayed that she would find a woman to go out and witness with so it's not to ackward for her and myself. So again, do u think its ok for her to go back to same group or not? Thanks in advance !!
  2. And I'll get straight to the point.....

    Umm.... NO! I think it would be best that you two work on your relationship immediately with some couples counseling through your Pastor.

    Something don't smell right here....

    Order of importance:
    #1 Christ's relationship with you and your spouse
    #3 Your Children
    #4 Other Family
    #5 Christian Brethren
    #6 The lost
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  3. We had been working on our relationship. It was her idea not to witness/preach for a while till she gets right with God and repent of her sin. Of course my heart trust her and want her to do what a God has called her to do. I'm just not too sure about her going back with the same group. That's my issue and I feel bad because it took her a long time to find a group of believers that has the same values and beliefs that she does.
  4. Like Brother Mike said, absolutely not.

    The home, the family unit (even if it is only currently a husband and a wife) is often called the Domestic Church. It is absolutely important that we carry on God's mission outside of the home, but it is very important that it exists within the home too. Being a witness of God's love really must begin in the home before even exploring outside of it.

    If your wife believes she is being lead to join a witnessing group, then that's great, but it cannot be at the cost of her own sins or anyone else's for that matter. Charity is the greatest theological virtue, but prudence is also an important cardinal virtue which shouldn't be put aside either, because if its ignored, it can interrupt charity.
  5. Don't misunderstand what I am about to state here: I am *NOT* advocating that you leave your Church;

    However, to save your marriage, you would be better off leaving a Church that you attend much less a 'group' of believers that are out soul-winning. Do you have a Church home? Are you out 'soul-winning' representing said church home?
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  8. We have not attend church for over a year now for personal reason. Our walk with God has actually grew and blossom more after we decided to stop going to our last church. Especially my wife! I know God called her to out to preach and witness to the unsaved. I just feel like it would be wrong of me to stand in the middle of her and Gods will for her life if I told her she couldn't go back to that group of believers. Is it just to risky to have her back with that group or should it fine especially if she knew what she did was wrong, repented of it and had peace with it? Lu's I don't know how the other guy with fill about her being back. I'm just really confuse right now
  9. Everyone should have a Church home that calls themselves a Christian; we NEED fellowship with believers for strength and support. Even Pastors have a Pastor or a close group of peers for 'good counsel'. I do not advocate 'home Church'-IE: 'nobody but us in this house'. I can't see where this would be Biblical. Even Missionaries-the only Christians among the lost- are called to be out in the ocean of the lost building up the Church for the Glory of God; it is not about 'us'. It is about God....

    The internet is NOT the best medium for learning; the 'Church' IS the original social network of God. We should be in it-not isolated from the world. but in the world under the umbrella of Christ and behind the shield of faith with our sword in our hand (mouth-figuratively speaking).

    You should have a Shepard guiding you in this-a Bible believing, successfully married (once) man of God
  10. I agree! This does not pass the smell test.

    No way should she return to that group!!!!
  11. Amen brother! Well said!
  12. Most people do not like this who are women and those who are convinced that women should preach and maybe this is the reason this whole situation does not smell right.

    1 Tim. 3:1
    "This is a true saying, if a MAN desire the office of a bishop he desires a good work. A Bishop then must be the blameless, the HUSBAND of one wife..........."

    I am afraid to many people purposefully ignore the Word of God and do what they want to do. The problem with that is that there is always a price to pay for disobedience.
  13. Tis a truth, I think that that the misunderstanding is that we are supposed to be 'equal' or the 'same as' in the secular world as men and women; which is not Biblical.

    We are "equal" in God's eyes as far as importance and love of His creation-but men and women were created with different purposes. Our current generation (especially in the west) is so drugged up on GMO's, BPA's, hormones, steroids, medications, false doctrine, humanism, can't wrap it's head around this concept.

    This generation rejects this truth: thus the mess we live in....
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  14. Absolutely correct!
  15. What I found interesting in the Middle East was that women submitted to their husbands, and men lead the household. I am not advocating Islam by any means-but at least their is an air of consistency which we seem to lack in the USA with all our denominations. Am I becoming 'anti-denominational'? Is that a phrase? Is it theological?

    We need to get back to just being people that actually believe in GOD! and what He has done for us without all the labels.

    Whatever happened to just being 'human' the way GOD made us? Oh yeah-sin!

    It all comes back to Genesis doesn't it? Amazing....and yet we reject the knowledge of God and His creation, we live in a generation that rejects the creation and the flood....
  16. Even when the church preaches on false doctrine/Gospel such as health and wealth, all about me type sermon. Where there is no preaching of repentance, seeking God through His word and sermons on hell? I'm not one that is fan of the sinners prayer requesting Jesus Christ as your lord and savior when that person doesnt show true sings of real conversion or testomony. Like being regenerated, bearing good fruits and yes obeying what The Lord says. It's not that I'm anti church, it's just difficult to actually find a good one in our American culture.

    And I knows wife knows her place in our marriage and in Gods eyes. She isn't one of those equal, feminist type person. She just have a heart for the lost and wants to find a way to help further the gospel and be a good witness. Is it wrong for her to go out and witness just because she is a woman?
  17. While I wouldn't want any part in a church that doesn't challenge the believer, I certainly wouldn't want any part that seems to promote a false agenda or even a heresy.

    That said, it shouldn't follow that you give up on it and stick to simply studying God's Word on your own. Every Christian, if he insists on growing in his faith, really should have a regular parish to hold him accountable, to challenge him, and to encourage him. It may be hard to find for some, but they really shouldn't give up. It's that important.
  18. Seek and you will find....

    Are you not going witnessing with her? You are the spiritual leader of the home after all-Biblically speaking. If the 'Church' you are attending is preaching false doctrine; shouldn't you say something to the Pastor/ preacher/ congregation?

    Our Pastor tells us: it's not his responsibility to check the doctrine being preached; it is OUR responsibility as a Church body to make sure we are going by what the B-I-B-L-E says as our governing authority (and the Holy Ghost). Not some preachers opinion...
  19. I will agree with that there are a lot of church buildings masquerading as the True Church of Jesus Christ; there are few; but they are around....
  20. Wow! We are ALL called to witness - men and women. We are, none of, us called to witness to error or to commit sin. The sin is not to love another for their message/passion of God. It is how we want to or express that feeling. There is a smell test fail about what you have posted. Did your wife approach the other believer and was refused? If so - she has unresolved issues. And these are dangerous traps. I love John MacArthur but his wife need have no fear of me for my love is for his message not of the fleshly kind. Why haven't you gone out with her?

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