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  1. Our eighteen year old niece, Katelyn, has met a man online.
    This man will not speak with any of her family and will not allow her to divulge details of his location and has refused a round trip ticket to meet her family.
    She has purchased a one way bus ticket from Dothan, Al to New York to go and live with him. She leaves this Friday morning and she refuses to talk to anyone else about it any more.

    She is legally of age and is determined to follow her heart (Jer 17:9) with all the ignorant sense of immortality of a typical young woman.

    This has all the hallmarks of a human/sex trafficking recruitment and I can't shake the sense that if she leaves we will never see her again.

    We know that God has this covered (Rom 8:28), but this is still painful.

    I have never in my life wanted to be wrong about something.

    Please call on God to reach her and this man before she passes the point of no return, and if she crosses that God will lead her steadfastly to Him (1 John 15:14-15) and that His will will be done in this.
  2. I will be in strong prayer.
    May God guide and protect her.
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  3. Oh dear...well I will pray God will send a balaam donkey to block her path and make her turn back.
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    Adding my prayers~ that confusion would be brought
    to the enemy's plans against this young woman.
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  5. DONE!!!
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  6. She may be of age but why not lock her in the home in Al. and then call the authorities in NYC and report the attempt.

    Another thought, why not advise her parents to make a deal and go with her to meet him. They could help her out and maybe see where this person lives etc.
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  7. Lord intercede and protect this girl and allow her to see the truth before harm is done. Send your angels to thwart this evil plan and to cover her with your angels. Send them to speak to her, to warn her, to open her eyes to Your truth. In Jesus' Name, I believe!
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  8. You can count on my prayers. I've been in similar situations myself, and it really does make one feel helpless. Of course, while we might be able to do anything in our own strength in these testing situations, we're far from helpless! "The fervent supplication of the righteous man has much power." - James 5:16.
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  9. Is your daughter a believer? I will pray as well for her.
  10. This is definitely great advice.
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  11. Father, In The Name of Jesus we place a hedge of protection around Eric's niece, and pray ps 91 over her. We plead the Blood of Jesus over her and thank You for causing any plans of the devil to be confused and brought to naught! We thank You Father for removing the blinders on her mind and revealing the truth of the situation to her. Cause her to rethink and doubt that this is anything good, and to run into the arms of her parents and You, thanking You for her safety, and for loving her. And if her parents need to get involved.....give them strength and wisdom....and don't allow them peace till they follow through with what You have told them to do. We thank You that no weapon formed against her or her family shall prosper. Father also surround Eric with Your peace that passes all of his understanding, keeping his eyes fixed upon Jesus the author and finisher of our faith.
    We give You all the Praise and Glory for working this out for her good. In Jesus Name, Amen
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  12. To all who have prayed and who are still doing so.. You have my thanks and my request that you keep doing so.
    This has and is resulting in a lot of sleep lost to prayer. \
    My father in law (her grandfather) is suffering tremendously and I suspect it is affecting and will affect his health.

    I have never had a "life verse" or even liked the term, but throughout all of my adult life and especially when things get dark (like now), the Holy Spirit always sings out in my heart with Romans 8:28-30.

    One thing that I left out of my original post and something that God has been laying on me is a request of prayer for the man she is going to see. He is no less important to God that Katelyn is.

    Those were among my thoughts as well. Her mother has hired a P.I. to check the guy out, but that tactic was a bust. Other than that, her mother will not take any actions stronger than yelling and her current stepfather couldn't care less what Katelyn does.
    Her grandparents have sought out police help and even got a local detective who deals with trafficking to talk with her, but she is full of pride and the immortality of ignorance so she will not listen.
    They have also talked with the new york state police and have contacted the FBI trafficking hotline. They know what to do if they lose contact, but until that point all they can do nothing.

    One of the more frightening things (in addition to the P.I.'s failure to learn more) is that he refuses to talk with anyone but Katelyn, and that he will not allow her to give us any more details than his name and the fact that she is going to New York.
    Trafickers, cultists, abusers, and ISIS all use an identical or almost identicsal tactic to begin the seperation process.
  13. Sounds like your extended family is a bunch of unbelievers. Do they know the Gospel?
  14. Juk, while I am guessing the intent of your post was good, your tone comes across as critical. It might be wise to more thoroughly think out your phrasing before you say/post.

    That said...
    Katelyn's grandparents follow Jesus and her great grandparents did as well. Her mother professes faith, but other than church attendance it is difficult to see any evidence of it. They all know the gospel. This is something I have made sure of.
    Her birth father knows the gospel, but his life so far shows a lack of belief. We have long since lost contact with him.
    Katelyn's current stepfather avoids the issue and spending time with her grandparents even though they help pay his bills. He also avoids Kim and me. He is a determinedly slippery one, so my inclination is to say that he does not follow Jesus, but short of physically pinning him down I cannot learn what he does or does not know.

    She has grown up in church, but like so many young people more effort was spent on entertaining her than teaching or reaching her.
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  15. My wife just called me to let me know that Katelyn has lost her driver's licence and that without it she can't get on the bus.

    God willing, she'll still be there when we get there tomorrow (They live two hours from us).
  16. Sounds like an answer to prayer to me!
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  17. Oh, sorry for being critical like that. And I understand as well. I think that it is because of the children's church, and later teen church combined with outside influences that made my brother leave the faith (at least that is what is evident with him). If the children's church and teen church focused more on how we are sinners and that Gis loved us so much that He died for us, and promoted a relationship with Jesus Christ (because that is what people need and want to hear, when they are young and impressionable) there would be less apostasy. However, it looks like people are more interested in keeping their members than telling them the much needed truth.
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  19. I am really glad that you reminded us all to be praying for this guy that she wants to meet! Because certainly it is right that God desires for his salvation as well. We will be praying!
  20. Katelyn is now in New York. The delay was only for a day, but in that delay God has shown His hand clearly.
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