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  1. G'morning to all. I am about 2yrs into a tee business and FINALLY starting to get serious about it. I'm looking for any and all opinions about my tees and my website.
    Thanks in advance!
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  2. Good afternoon (as I live in the UK),
    You seem to be delivering a great product. I understand the black and white theme, however I think some people may find the colour a little off-putting. Have you thought of producing tee's in other colours and the white text in a black border?
    Can I recommend that your tee's have scripture relevant to other areas in life, such as:
    1. Fitness
    2. Health
    3. Lifestyle
    4. Inspiration
    5. Culture
    6. Our Saviour Jesus
    Just a quick suggestion.
    Keep up the excellent work brother.
    P.S. The website looks good. (y)
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  3. yea black tees are offputting. Hard to wash, prefer white, it's a cooler colour. Black gets very hot. for me personally, would not wear black.
    I like the verses you choose though.
    Is the printing screen printed or is it embroidered or transfered? Sometimes those that are just stamped on run or fade and crack in the wash.

    I have an idea. You know those letterman jackets universities have. well could sort of have that style lettering. Like the words 'Heaven' and 'school of the holy spirit', J for Jesus.
    I liked it when Karen Carpenter had a t-shirt called 'lead sister'.
    you could have 'brother' and 'sister' t shirts.
    you could have stripy t shirts that say, by his stripes we are healed.
    you could experiment with words 'agape' 'shalom' 'immanuel' 'talitha cumi' words that have deeper meaning you know only from reading the bible. People will ask the wearer what those words mean. Then maybe you could start a conversation.
    (don't get it tattooed though. ugh. I am very against ppl who think it's godly to do that).

    just some ideas. Good that you've got something already, can only get better!
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  4. Thanks for the input! I have not thought of using color tees with the black boarder so I presented the idea to my business mentor (my wife) and she loved the idea.
    I like the idea of using Biblical terms and love the stripe tee.
  5. You're most welcome. If I think of any more ideas, I shall post them to this topic.

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