Need help for english correction

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by David-Fr, Dec 13, 2009.

  1. Need help for english correction

    I need your help to correct a short letter in english. This letter have to be sent to some american christian contacts. Thank you for helping.
    It is now 1:00AM here in France so see you tomorrow. God bless you.
  2. I'd be happy to help you
  3. I will help you to my friend :)

    Chili out
  4. You can PM me or email me the letter and I can proof read it for you and make corrections if you'd like.
  5. He may need to get more posts before he can PM or email anyone. I don't know if he has that much time.
  6. Willing to help also if need be.

  7. I can't PM (yet), but can somebody PM me? Thank you for your reply.
  8. David, the forum software has a built in spam protection system - however, once you do just a few more postings, that PM feature will be opened up for you.

  9. Ok, I'll chat more with great pleasure, thank you Pastor.
  10. Being very good with English grammar, spelling and punctuation, I would be more than happy to help.

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