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  1. There is this girl I like, and I would like to pursue a relationship with her. But she has two things about her that I'm struggling with getting over and working through. 1: she is not yet a Christian. She believes in God but does not follow the Christian faith. 2: she is a single mother. I know that she can be brought to Christ, but idk if her being a single mother is a deal breaker. Please help; what does the Bible say?
  2. What does the Bible say about?

    Marrying a single mother
    Marrying an unbeliever?
  3. The bible says not to be unequally yolked with an unbeliever, but what does it say about single mothers? That I don't know
  4. Look-getting into a relationship with an unbeliever to 'fix' them NEVER EVER WORKS....

    Save yourself years of heartache. (This warning is coming from an 'old guy' who is been down a very similar road.-and still is on that road BTW).

    Pray for her, if she accepts Christ and starts showing fruits of the Spirit; THEN we can talk about pursuing a future romantic relationship with her. Not before that happens though....

    And NO; You don't 'know she can be brought to Christ'. That is between her and the LORD. The best thing you can do is develop your relationship with Christ, being the example and see if that is something she is interested in.

    Don't fool yourself my friend, pride will take your years away...
  5. Why do you like her? You should find a godly woman at your church.
  6. When you have the answer for first question, does the second question matter? Do not act on the desires of your flesh.. Seek Lord for his guidance.. There are certain things he has clearly revealed in His Word.. Why step out of line and seek for peace from it?
  7. Where is the baby daddy?
  8. The concern is her not being saved. If she were a saved single mother (that made a mistake by having premarital sex... the child is not the mistake) that would be fine.
  9. The bible doesn't say anything about single mothers. However, some here will tell you that since she was pregnant she is already a married woman because she had sex.

    Why do you want to be with this girl? She doesn't believe the same as you, so do you want to be with her for her looks? If that's the case I'm sure most guys here can understand that, but don't let that lust control you. Use this temptation of wanting to be with a nonbeliever as a chance to strengthen your steadfastness to resist temptation.
  10. Ugh..I so have to finish this 'thesis' on "Christian Sex and Marriage"; it is already 4 pages long and I just got started. There is another thread that will be opened on the subject in the near future.

    Look-ALL can be forgiven -THROUGH CHRIST- But Jesus Christ has to be invited to participate and the Holy Spirit has to be allowed to work in any relationship if you are a "Christian". Right now, the woman in this situation is in bondage to the world, a Christian male entangling / cleaving / binding himself to said woman is placing himself voluntarily under that same bondage. Why would a true & free Christian do this? For pure 'romantic love' motivation towards an unbeliever?
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