need friendship advice ? ( i dont mind having a big friendship ) to relationship

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  1. how to turn a friendship into a relationship ?

    im not agressive.....
  2. Pray for wisdom and strength, you will need it regardless of the outcome. The best approach is communication. Sit down with your friend face-to-face and discuss his/her intentions regarding relationships in general. Once that's established, share your feelings concerning a relationship, if it's compatible with his/her intentions.

    Blessings to the both of you!
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  3. great answer
  4. Here is my 2 cents -
    What it looks like:
    1. spending more and better quality time together; (if all you do is see each other at church...just saying you need to do different things together...)
    2. asking her/him deeper, more probing questions as you go from merely friends to something stronger (go progressively deeper - don't start off with the deep questions!!)
    5. DON'T force it. If he/she doesn't seem to reciprocate in every way, he/she isn't ready for a deeper friendship or isn't the right person for you

    If the two of you are meant for something more than friendship, you both will be feeling the desire to be with each other. :cool:

    I'm not sure what a "big friendship means..."
  5. Don't be 'unequally yoked' in anyway: unless there is submission one to another, no relationship will last long. Don't compromise your faith for feelings. Keep God (Christ) the main focus in your relationships.
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