Need feedback on a friend's site

Discussion in 'Site Showcase' started by Jeffin, Apr 5, 2009.

  1. Need feedback on a friend's site

    My friend wants some feedback on his site: The Prosper Magazine
    If you have time, just go through it and post some suggestions. :)
  2. I will try to check it out tomorrow.
  3. oh cool, he has finally launched it, ill check it out
  4. Very well set up organized and easy to navigate. I believe that your friend has done a very nice job.
  5. Thanks Larry. Any suggestions on the content etc?
  6. Honestly I think it covers most of the bases I would like to see covered. One thing that concerns me is the Google adds column- the very top link was to a scam:
    Mom Making Money at Home | Money Stories
    Those are random and I do not know that there is any actual way to stop that but one must be careful what one connects the Name of Jesus with.

    Other than that he covers Christianity, family, finances and gives opportunities for personal interaction.
    The site tells a lot about what a Christian is and how to live the life - perhaps a really simplified explanation
    on how to become one might be a good addition.
  7. Looks very good! *Subscribes* Great content, and easy to navigate.
  8. That Larry is the actual web host that the web advertisements come with. In other words it comes with the package of a sponsered web site. Kinda like this one from positive here, Christian Greeting Cards, Inspirational Greeting Cards, Inspirational Poems and Stories!

    I belong to this site also. It is my home site when I joined 6 years ago then M7 then CFS where im at now. i bounce between the 2 PT n CFS.
    Jeffs friends site is also good. Just dont click the advertisements.
    It's all good my friends. it's all in the finger!:D

    The Great Chili has spoken:cool::):israel:
    God Bless you all that are trying to set up a Christian site for all to follow. Amen

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