Need Feedback For New Song Of Psalm 23

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  1. Greetings,

    Please listen to our new song, Psalm 23, linked here...

    Please note that the words of the song enter 1 minute after the peaceful guitar and bass intro.

    If you like peaceful, contemporary, acoustic music, then we hope that this music will be a blessing to you.

    Whatever feedback you have for this song is much appreciated.

    Thank you!
    David Albracht
  2. Update to the above:

    Feedback received from others indicates that the guitar intro was too long. The song sample has now been shortened, and begins immediately with the text of Psalm 23 (in a new melody). The musical style is contemporary and acoustic with voice, guitar, acoustic bass, violin, viola, and cello.

    Please listen at this link...

  3. Sounds good to me David, and I am not just saying that to make you feel good. I use to play professionally many years ago, and I know what sounds good and bad . Did you use "midi" on the violin, cello, and viola?
  4. I enjoyed it very much and can see people being blessed by it.
  5. Thank you, CCW95A and Euphemia, for the kind replies and the feedback.

    In regard to the question about MIDI for the strings... No, real string sounds were recorded in a home studio for this song. We were limited, however, in needing to record separate takes so that the tracks could be stacked to create an ensemble sound. The players were Pearce Meisenbach (cello), Milo Deering (violin and viola), and Lou Harlas (bass). The players recorded their parts individually on different days... The sound seemed to come together nicely in spite of the players being recorded separately in time. Photos of the recording process can be seen on our FB page here...

    Thanks again, so much, for the feedback. We recognize that this music is different and that finding an audience is going to be a big challenge. Your feedback encourages me greatly.

    CCW95A... Tell me about your history of playing professionally. What did you play? What was it like? What do you think of music in general these days? I grew up in the days of vinyl and 8-tracks, and my goodness how things have changed!

    Have a great day.

  6. I think this kind of music is great for personal worship and for what some people call "soaking". I'd buy it! What is better than singing the word of God??
  7. Yes really good and I have often tried to sing the Psalms and its not always easy...but this is a blessing and would love to have this as a tool to meditate upon these amazing truths of God that He has given to us to strengthen us and build us up...I really like your work and was blessed by it..
  8. Thank you, Euphemia and Mitspa, for the kind words and feedback. I had not heard of "soaking" music before, and now I have learned that it is a specific genre... Very interesting!

    Yes, Mitspa, singing the Psalms is not always easy. It is my understanding that the musicality of the original Hebrew text is based upon rhythm and parallelism rather than rhyme and meter which we are accustomed to... In spite of this, it has been very surprising to me that the limitations we have with the absence of rhyme and meter due to language translation differences do not stand in the way of music that can be applied to the Psalms as we read them today.

    Thank you for listening to Psalm 23 and for your feedback.

    We have other songs (similar format) on the album that you may like to hear...

    Have a great day.
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