Need a re-charge

Discussion in 'New Members Welcome' started by berg, Nov 22, 2007.

  1. Need a re-charge

    Hi everyone. I used to post a lot about Christ in the "off-topic" section of a different forum. Mostly I would defend Christianity when it came under attack from non-believers. Naturally, they have said some pretty nasty things to me, which I take as a blessing, but they crossed a new line when they insulted my 3 month old daughter and hoped that she grew up to "resent the (heck) out of me, become a stripper, and join the ACLU." Adding to the problem was the fact that the moderator is Jewish and told me he didn't like my posts about Christianity and was going to tell me so each time.

    Anyway, I'm saying all this because I need to re-charge my batteries with some friendly folks and figure out if it's even worth going back to that other forum. You know, I get the typical non-sense from the unbelievers over there about how I'm closed minded and intolerant of other people's beliefs. I simply explain that the Bible clearly says Jesus is the only way to the Father and as a Christian I believe that. Adding to the problem are other people claiming to be Christians that may or may not be, but they seem to play to the people who are attacking me rather then defending me.

    Anyway, I'm just glad to have found this site, although I already have some reservations about it...first, how come they don't allow non-Christians here? I guess there is another site that does so I'll have to check it out. Also, I don't know the exact dates I accepted Christ or got baptised. That's kind of weird. Otherwise, I'm looking forward to meeting you guys and strengthening each other in Christ.

    Grace and Peace,

  2. I love this place simply becuase there are no unbelievers. I'm part of a few Christian messageboards, I go to this one whenever I feel frusterated with other forums, becuase we're all on a similar wavelength. Its a good change of pace.

    Welcome !!!:fish:
  3. Welcome, Berg 2.0, and relax with us. This forum is designed to build up and edify believers without a lot of trolling. It's a welcome relief from the other forums. I'm glad it is this way as I don't have to always be on the defensive. It's kind of like why you don't give non-members, especially non-christians, voting rights in your church business meetings. This is a place for Christians to minister to one another, fellowship, and hash out issues that are of importance to us. We need a place like this as there are more than enough battles out there on other forums, in our communities, within our families, and the list goes on. Put your apprehensions on the mat by the door and enjoy your stay. Then, when you're rested up and a little restless, get out there and go get 'em!:)
  4. Hi berg 2.0 and welcome home!:D
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  6. Thanks gang. Actually, this site makes a lot of sense if used in the right way. And I think it is. It sounds like a lot of you are also out there spreading the word and not just hanging with Christians only. That's what its all about right? Well, thanks for the welcome. I'm off to explore the rest of the site!
  7. Psh...newbie mistake!
  8. What other sites to you frequent?
  9. WELCOME!!!!!
    I am sure you will enjoy it here!!!
  10. Hi Berg..... Welcome .... I think you will find a nicer atmosphere than where you were before.

    I hope you won't be an iceburg..... Just joking ... your name inspired me. Don't mind me I'm just a funny senior.
  11. .

    Hey Dusty, thanks!
  12. Welcome,Berg. Bless you, Brother. I came here for pretty much the same reason as you. I too spent time defending Christ, trying to present the facts of the Christian faith to those that had skewed ideas about Jesus and Christians on a couple of forums I was on. I offered opinions from a Christian world view, and took some pretty good e-beatings for it:rolleyes:. Since I have been here though, I have no desire to go back to those sites( and these are sites I was keeping tabs on every chance I got)
    This site is a blessing, and so far this family of members are the tightest,most respectful and encouraging group I have have the oppurtunity to fellowship with online, even among other Christian forums.
    I hope you have the same experience here that I have had!
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    May God bless you!
  14. Thanks Steve.
  15. Berg How Is That Recharge Coming Along? Just Plug In To The Power That Flows From Heaven And Everything Changes!:d

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