need a lil help!

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  1. need a lil help!

    So i am starting reading the bible, and i am starting in Acts.

    Im having a little trouble understanding things.I understand thats its mainly about being a student and following the word of god.If you guys could maybe help me understand it a little more that would be very very helpful.

    please post back thanks..


  2. Hello Seeking Him,
    I might suggest that you post particular questions thta you may have. One at a time per post. Other wise you get into a round house. Also a word of advise. I looked at your profile and it says that you have not been baptised. That is a problem if you are reallly seeking the Lord. You show to be saved for 8 years and still not baptised. The first command that we have as new believers is baptism. Why should God open His word to you if you are not going to obey His first command to you?

    So I strongly suggest thhat you find a church and get baptised as soon as possible, then perhaps the Lord will began to open things to you better. Also there are many good web sites on the net with good information. I offer mine as one. It is all free and has some very good teaching tools on it and answers many questions. God bless :)
  3. While getting to know the word of God certianly does no harm, What you need to do is get to know the God of the word. That starts (like freedfromdestruction said) with a commitment to Him. That is done by obedience to His first commandment to new believers. Repent and be baptized. While many will answer your questions the best understanding comes from the one who inspired it. God.
    Personal contact with other believers as in a small group or church bible study will be the most fruitful as you will be able to get answers to your questions as they come to mind.
    Mutiple answers that may not exatly agree may become a hinderance more than a help.

    With all that being said I ( as I'm sure others in here) will be glad to share our understanding and beliefs..
  4. You may also wish to invest in TWO research tools which can make your Bible studies experience much more rewarding. Most translations of the Bible are flawed and do not accurately represent God's Word as contained in the Original Manuscripts in Hebrew, Aramaic, Chaldean and Greek. The King Kames Version is the most correct, but it, too, has inaccuracies. By using the King James Version Bible and "The Complete, Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible" by Dr. Strong, you can take the KJV words BACK to their Original Manuscript meanings and have a much better understanding of God's Word. The Concordance has Original Language dictionaries contained right in the book.

    Many Bible students also invest in "The Companion Bible" which IS a King James Version, but has tab and margin notations of time lines, word meanings, word usages from the Original Languages and 198 excellent appendices that assist the student in so many ways.

    I fully recommend this study method rather than just reading a bible and trying to figure it out for yourself. Full understanding of God's Message to us as Originally scribed, is what God wants us to know and study. Blessings to you and may your Bible studies be a rewarding and eye opening experience.

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