Need A Friend To Lead Me In Jesus Way :)

Discussion in 'New Members Welcome' started by Christopher Arul Prince, Aug 18, 2012.

  1. I am Christopher Arul Prince, age 33, married with 2 children from India, a graphic designer, working in elearning industry.
  2. Welcome Christopher to CFS! God bless and I'll see you around.
  3. Welcome to CFS Christopher! Be sure to check out Your Welcome Pack. :)
  4. Christopher, which part of India are you in? I may know people who can get to you locally! Wouldn't that be cool for you?
  5. Thanks for the Welcome,
    Xian Pugilist

    I am from Chennai - India, Graphic Designer - Elearning.
    It will be good to have friends in my local area.

    In my free time after my daily office works,
    I like to tell the words of Jesus Christ to above 95% Non - Christians of India,
    through my Graphic Designer Skill - Elearning (Free of Cost).
    India is 2nd largest populated country in the world.

    Let My Aim is to Spread the Words of Jesus Christ to the World, Jesus Help Me.

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