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  1. I am reading a book where the woman died, woke up in heaven, and then was resuscitated by the doctors. Does anyone believe that these accounts are accurate? Is it sinful to read these books? There are several I would like to read, but I don't want to read anything I shouldn't be reading. This woman said our souls existed before we were born and we knew God.
  2. I would be very very careful.. So careful to the extent, I actually wouldn't believe them.. There are only 2 people recorded in Bible to have seen heaven. Stephen, just before he died. First martyr recorded in NT era. Probably God allowed him to get a glimpse of the eternal gift in the earthly realm considering the first man to die for Christ. Next person is Paul.. He saw things which no humans are supposed to speak.. Paul received the Gospel from Christ himself. He wrote literally two-thirds of NT. He himself was not allowed to write about it. The question is, will God allow people from our age to visit heaven, write a book and make money out of it? I am not trying to talk people out of reading these books. But this is the reason why I don't believe in them.

    Depends on how you take it may be! Reading it as a fantasy story or taking it as revelation from heaven? Because mostly I see people trying to explain Heaven and say this is how it is all going to be.. I know one person who claimed one angel was taking classes for kids in paradise when he was taken up to heaven.. On that instance (as he had been to heaven many times). It is certainly wrong to believe that God is still revealing supernatural things to human. All these people are basically trying to add to Bible. Though they are not going to agree..

    If this can be explained with Biblical reference, I am happy to learn :) God foreknew each and every one of us before the earth was created. That is not same as saying the souls existed. If it existed, where it existed? We know of 3 places - earth, heaven and hell.. If not in earth, heaven or hell?
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  3. I agree... thank you. I believe she was saying that she existed in Heaven beforehand. She used this verse:

    Jeremiah 1:5: Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations.

    The topic is really interesting, but you can't believe everything you read, and it can also open up other questions... after reading most of the book, I started wondering about people in other religions and their near-death experiences. Are they reporting seeing Jesus?
  4. God knew every one of us before we were born.. Even before creation of the world.. Romans chapter 8,

    29 For those God foreknew he also predestined to be conformed to the image of his Son, that he might be the firstborn among many brothers and sisters. 30 And those he predestined, he also called; those he called, he also justified; those he justified, he also glorified.

    God has a perfect plan for every believer. The plan was not something based on our works. It was agreed between God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit even before creation.

    I come from India. I don't even anyone can count the number of gods (small g) in India. People from many religions claim to have heaven visitations. In Hinduism, it is not very common.. But people have claimed to have descended from heaven itself.. They don't claim to be Jesus. But they claim to be an avatar of god.
  5. That's what I thought that verse meant, but she said it means we all existed up in Heaven prior to being born.

    I didn't know you were from India. I guess I should have known from your name. :p What a coincidence, because one of the near-death experiences I just read about was from a person from India. They said they saw Krishna ?... and were told to love. They said it didn't matter what religion you were. Why weren't they told otherwise? I've also heard about NDE's where the person of another religion saw Jesus and converted. I've read some where people experienced hell and were allowed to live again... they converted to Christianity later (I believe they were previously Muslim). So, why did some people see Jesus but others did not (and saw what they believed in their religion)? This is why I hesitate to read this stuff, but I did and now I have all these questions.
  6. I just read a site where it was teaching that any religion is acceptable as long as we love one another. Kinda sounds like a grooming of the One World Religion.
  7. Oh, and I just remembered another Bible verse!

    King James Bible
    And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many. Matthew 24:11

    Am I answering my own question? LOL
  8. Now you know :) Where are you from? I can't take any guess based on your name. You are there all over the world! :) And you are my favorite character for my daughter..

    I don't know if you know about Ravi Zacharias. He is a very famous apologetic. He is also from India. He has done lot of work about Hinduism and Christianity. Christianity is one of the few religions which claims exclusivity. Hinduism strongly aligns with inclusivity. Meaning, they say all the gods are different avatars of the same god. So they claim people from all religion go to heaven. They draw comparison of Jewish traditions (such as sacrifice, etc) to pagan traditions. So I am not surprised that a Hindu would claim to have seen other lords or Jesus. This leads me to another question.. Lot of people claim to have seen Jesus physically.. They saw Him, talked with Him, etc.. How do you react to such claims?
  9. I am mixed (1/2 black, 1/8 native american, the rest white). I have two children from a previous marriage (you might have seen my thread on divorce in the Marriage & Relationship section). My ex was Indian.

    I love Sweet Peas. The ones in Toy Story, Veggie Tales, the perfume, etc. :p

    I haven't heard of him, but I can look him up. What you are saying makes a lot of sense. One account said that they saw God and he changed his appearance repeatedly, looking like all the different religious figures in the world and told the person it doesn't matter what religion you are as long as you love. This made me very upset and it felt very wrong. I was wondering how people in different religions were seeing the god they believed in... why didn't everyone, even those in different religions, see Jesus? Well, some did, but not all of them. It was very disturbing. I read the message they were saying... love one another, religion doesn't matter... there are many websites saying all this. Some said the Christian God said it doesn't matter. I asked God how that could be and asked for an answer. Then, something I read sparked something... I thought about how it reminded me of the one world religion and a globe that I saw with people of different religions holding hands. Next, Bible verses came to mind about false prophets, some coming in His name, and they will deceive many. Tolerance, acceptance, New Age beliefs.

    That, and your responses gave me my answer! You are correct... many people claim many things and always have. I've never thought much of that... not sure why I did this time. I don't think it is a coincidence that you responded. God is good. :)
  10. Ohh I see.. My daughter is 2 years old and loves Sweet peas from veggie tales.. I haven't gone through that forum.. But now I know..

    Finished your post in a perfect way.. God is good.. To add a little more, all the times :) I will tell you one more thing.. This is common in many Indian houses.. They will have pictures of gods from all religions.. Hindu gods, buddha, etc.. Along with all those pictures, you will see the picture of Jesus Christ!! For them, Jesus is another avatar.. Some put Jesus picture along with pictures of Nelson Mandela and Gandhi..

    This is what makes me praise the Lord more.. I might have turned out to be one such person.. But he opened my eyes and changed my course.. From hell to heaven! :D
  11. Praise God!

    I didn't realize so many people had near death experiences. It can really cause some confusion. A person could read those accounts and decide it doesn't matter which religion they are as long as they are loving.
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    I've been having a lot of out of body experiences, and it scares me that why do I keep having the out of body experiences, or is it just my blood circulation problem, or my Zeldox medications?

    Also, I've been wondering that what if a demon first impersonates Jesus or God and lies to the person that the place where the person is is Heaven even though the demon is lying to the person and making the person see that the place where the person is is Heaven even though it's not? I'm worried.
  13. DO not beleive everything people say, also people can still be fooled by demons, were they really dead and passed over to the other side or where they in a coma type state but being tricked by demons into thinking they had died?

    Some people genuinely seem to have met with Christ. I remember one story about a young buddihist junior monk who died, apparently he was dead for days, his body was decomposing, yet he met with Jesus , he was shown how he was wrong and shown that Jesus was the true way into heaven. He said he would follow Jesus from then on, he woke to screams of fear, sitting in a puddle of his fluids in the coffin, he got up and told everyone he rejected Buddha and only true way was Jesus and he was now a Christian.

    Then there is the story of McCormack the Jellyfish man, he was not a beleiver, died after being stung by jellyfish, but given a second chance by Christ after he called out to him in the darkness of the spiritual realm being mauled by demons. Read it here.
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  14. "Near-death experiences" indicates that the person is not actually dead. Therefore, the visions encountered were the result of eletro-chemical processes in the brain, still active, firings still occurring at the synaptic cleft. They had nothing to do with demonism or anything mystical, and certainly not "out of body" experiences.

    The idea (the imagination) that one has died, journeyed to Heaven and then returned, is not Biblical and therefore cannot be true, except for those persons who are clearly identified in the Bible itself, and nowhere else. Ravindran wrote "I actually wouldn't believe them." THAT is the best advice given and is what we all should follow and endorse.
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    You certainly have not been having actual "out of body" experiences. Get your medication changed.

    I'm wondering why you would wonder these things. This one is preposterous. You need to be concerned about yourself, not what you are "wondering." Change that medication for starters.
  16. Dok,

    I'm glad you said that (about NDE's). :)
  17. Don't read the books. Toss the one you are reading. There is zero zilch nada truth in them. Far better to read a new expanded study Bible and spend a lot of time at Be sure to scroll down to "Answers to your Questions."
  18. Yes I was trying to convey that, Near death is not actul death, but a few people like Ian McCormack really did die and they did see God and Jesus and were sent back to tell people.
  19. Polly, that can actually happen. Some people are deceived by the devil. I think that is what has happened in the NDE's I read that contradict the Bible. If you are having experiences like this, I would talk to a doctor like others have suggested.

    Agricola, they said they died and then were resuscitated. Either way, they are teaching New Age beliefs and it is very wrong. Sin is nothing, we all go to heaven, etc. I found a very good Christian website explaining about it. I did read a story awhile ago about a Muslim man who said he died and was told he better change his ways because he was going to hell, etc. He converted and has been a Christian ever since.

    Dok, this stuff is definitely NOT biblical. I should have stopped when I read the first unbiblical thing, but I thought I would hear it out since biblical verses were used in the book. You are correct that I should spend the time reading the Bible and not this other stuff. Thank you for the suggestion.
  20. Just read this on a website about it: "Apparently, the modern NDE phenomenon is part of what Saint Paul described in II Timothy 4: 3-4: "For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; and they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables."

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