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Discussion in 'Staff Announcements' started by ModeratorTeam, Oct 25, 2016.

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  1. As most everyone has noticed, the last forum software upgrade did not work out well. The main issue is that upon login, there are occasionally no Post or Reply boxes visible to start new threads or add to existing threads. One way to TRY to have a Post or Reply box become visible is to refresh the main CFS page at least once and possibly more. The other issue is that some graphics may not be visible at all times - such as member avatars and navigation Icons. This comes and goes.

    Until the owner of the CFS Forum can go over these and other issues with the software writers at XenForo, we all will have to make the best of this and be patient.

    Thank you.

    CFS Staff

  2. We have been advised by our Webmaster that many of the software issues have been repaired. Only a few secondary problems remain. If any members are still experiencing navigation or features issues, please post your concerns in a thread in the "General Discussions" posting area called "Navigation and Features". Thank you.

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  3. Thanks to everyone at CFS for your patience while the forum software issues were being worked on. The Webmaster mentioned that full navigation and almost 100 percent of the forum features have been restored.

    If anyone has stayed away from CFS because of the navigation problems, we invite everyone to "come on back" - to share, to learn, to fellowship and to be part of the Friendly atmosphere here at CFS.

    Thank You.
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