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  1. Love manifested by use of the mind is a far cry from love manifested by the nature-spirit in the born-again believer. Christ in you nature-spirit love is described in, first Corinthians chapter 13.
    Jesus never attempted to live for God as do most want to get believers. Had Jesus attempted to live for God it would have been a life under law in bondage and not his own life He lived.
    He learned to live His life on earth by His God (Fathers) given nature as it please Him, John 8:29 this was the Sons own pleasure to please His Father. How was it possible for Jesus to do always what pleased his father?

    This was possible only if Jesus did these things by his nature he received from his father. He did by nature these things and living his life by his nature is what pleases his father. This was what his father wanted for himself and for his son.

    Total freedom is this nature indeed.
    The father wanted his son to live by his own inborn nature which nature is the same as the father's nature. This is because the father knew what was in his nature that was now in his son and the father totally trusted the nature in his son.

    This is where believers fall short because most believers only partially trust the inborn Christ in you nature in them. Most believers trust the Christ in you nature in them to get them to heaven or to escape Hell but rarely beyond that.
    The Christ in you nature in Bill provides them a means to get to heaven rather then a means to go to the father.

    When God put his son in the world it was a world in desperate need of having a true father. Did the father have to tell his son that? Absolutely not. He was depending on his nature and his son to provide the lost and dying world with what they needed. What did the sun realize that the world needed? The Son realized the world needed for his father to be their father. This was the greatest need the world had but they were totally ignorant of that fact. He realized that the world needed the same nature that the father birthed in him to be their very own nature.
  2. Hello @Noblemen,

    You are endeavouring to express a concept which is quite outside the experience of man, 'outside of' or 'apart from' Christ, to perceive: and using a manner of speech that I can't identify as being 'scriptural', and that makes me feel uneasy; for in doing so, there is a danger of misrepresenting the godhead, Father, Son or Holy Spirit, in doing so.

    There is a great deal of imagination involved, and assumptions made, concerning the Father and the Son, and I don't believe it is necessary, or justfiable; regardless of the motive, which I have no reason to believe is anything other than admirable.

    With respect
    In Christ Jesus
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  3. 'The words of the LORD are pure words:
    as silver tried in a furnace of earth,
    purified seven times.
    Thou shalt keep them, O LORD,
    Thou shalt preserve them from this generation for ever.'
    (Psa 12:6,7)

    I agree, @Noblemen, that believers do not understand, or fully trust, the nature that has been given to them, in Christ Jesus. I thank you for bringing this out in your O.P,, for it has caused me to pause and examine my own level of trust, and consider the fulness of the relationship that has been forged between myself and God the Father, in Christ Jesus.

    I am grateful to you,

    In Christ Jesus,
    Our risen and glorified
    Saviour, Lord and Head.
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  4. Thank you Chris, I think for me to come in here and teach on subjects that are not even brought up in mainline denominations is tough, on me as well as others.

    I'm speaking from years of fellowship and study with some of the greatest minds and deep writers of Christianity.

    I give all credit where it's due, the Holy Spirit.
    He is our teacher, the wonderful men and women I've known through the years are basically confirmers to believers that are moving on in God, hungry hearts.
    I think you are hearing something, but just not able to pinpoint what it is yet.
    I'm saying all that to say this, fellowship around the depth of the Scriptures and the teaching is priceless to our understanding. I'm talking about more than just being taught about the death, burial and resurrection week-in and week-out, praise God for that but there is also meat in the word of God.

    Google Scofield and many others like Norman grub, CS Lewis and see what they were saying in their day, we're not adding to the Scriptures were expounding on a great truth that is for present day.
    They were not adding to the Scriptures either, but they were expounding on those that were before them.

    These men and women are basically everywhere, there are those that have been led by the Spirit and have some understanding, there is nothing wrong with being taught by the Holy Spirit.
    It's available to every born-again believer, as far as that goes it's available to the world. Anyone who hungers and thirsts enough for God shall be filled.
    It's just knowledge, revelation knowledge, which is spirit taught but it's just knowledge there is nothing special about a person that has revelation.
    It's based on the cross of Calvary and the grace of God.

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