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  1. Nathi

    :welcome:Welcome to the forum.
    I see that you are from KwaZulu. I spent many happy years there At one time I ran Youth for Christ in in Durban and Pietermatitzburg. I was then transferred back to Johannesburg (my home town). I now live in England.
    There a number of South African Christians on this forum.
    I am sure that you will soon make lots of new Christian friends.
    God bless you,
  2. Hello, Nathi!


    God bless you!


  3. Thank You my Fellow Brethers and Sisters in the Lord for warm welcome.....Truly in Christ we are one and a wonderful, bless family of God.

    Love you all

    I'll try my all time best to contribute and parcipate according to waht I am in the Body of Christ in this forum

    Jesus Is my Lord and Saviour I love Him, I don't know where would I be without Him.
  4. WELCOME!!!

    I am very happy you are here!!!!!!
  5. Welcome Be With You
  6. Welcome Nathi !!


  7. hello nathi

    hello from san diego, california! God bless u.
  8. Hallo Nathi!!!!!! I'm so glad to meet you! I saw just now you are from south africa! Very glad you are here. Welcome :) I know a Nathi, but he is from east london.

    Who's the other south africans besides my sister, Ray? Or is it just us?
  9. LOVE YOU TOO..............THANKS FOR WARM WELCOME.......

    SKY, I dont know my brother, how many are we....But aslong we here fellowshiping God Son will grow in us, Amen

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