Nasa believes the have found ice on mars

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  1. I wonder if they ever have thought of life that can exist without water. Now, that's really extraterrestrial!

    But, it's like "big deal?". Okay, water vaporizing on Mars. Now, if it was a man munching on a chili dog, that would be a different story...:D
  2. I think ice on Mars would be very beneficial for all of the iced tea drinking Martians.
    Or if a Martian sprained his ankle, he could put an ice pack on it.
    Just think of all the possibilities. :D
    And if we ever run out of ice here, we just have to go to Mars and get some more.

    It could happen with the global warming thing happening.

    Oh oh… did I say that out loud?
    Scratch that last comment.
    The dead horse is running out of room for more bruises. :rolleyes::D:p

  3. life without water is death.:eek:
  4. Well, there is the possible some kind of life form, while maybe it may not be humanoid, lol, could live without water, or some other form of water. It's a really confusing idea but someone else posted that same exact idea on a page.
  5. even a flame needs air,water etc.:)
  6. The father the son and holy spirit
  7. Some bacteria die when exposed to oxygen so who knows what the Lord has wrought.
  8. Without Christ there is no life there no light there;s no God there;s nothing
  9. Yeah, that's what I meant, thanks B.
    I don't believe in larger lifeforms that can exist on planets such as human-like, animal-like, or plant-like things for some reason I cannot even explain myself. Maybe I would if I knew what SETI's intentions are for - they never really elaborate. I just don't trust these people these days to be fair and square.
  10. Excellent. This is wonderful news and makes the planet seem to have a lot more potential. I'm hoping it will be possible to terraform this planet into something that future generations of man will be able to live on.
  11. If there is enough of that ice perhaps we can send penguins and polar bears- LOL! But seriously I guess the first step is conforming that it is actually water and what kind of quantity there is. Then there would be questions about microbes or other contaminants we may not be familiar with.
  12. I think I like Earth better. I'd miss the blue skies, the ocean breezes, the animals...what's so great about Mars anyhow?
    I am pretty content with my planet. It's the one God put me on. :D
  13. We have yet to invent the Mars that may be available in the future. Who knows what wonders it may hold.
  14. Well, to be honest I am not entirely sure I would like to live on Mars. I think it would be pretty interesting, but I think I'll get pretty home-sick after a while, tee hee.:D

    Also, I am wondering what it'll cost for people to go there IF Mars becomes habitable? That's something I have been thinking about...
  15. By the time we could actually send people to mars… gas should be about $175.00 for a gallon.
    Maybe we should send some salesmen first. They could bring back some ice and sell it to the Eskimos to pay for the gas. :D
  16. Ohhhh nice. Icy.[​IMG]
  17. Hopefully by that time we won't be using the poor fuel sources we are using now.
  18. Honestly I think terra forming an entire planet is out of the range of our ability at least in the foreseeable future. Even at our current rate of use on earth it is estimated that only 4% of greenhouse gasses are man made.
  19. We have ideas on how to terraform it. Yes, it would be very expensive but more than worth it if it can produce a second planet for human race and life.

    Yeah... but see we aren't trying our hardest to produce this. We have far more effective methods known for increasing greenhouse gases and are pretty much specific to causing that. And I am actually hoping that some of these processes may be able to be started before I pass on.

    The main issue would the lack of a magnetosphere and whether or not it would greatly hinder our ability to live on Mars. But if we are able to increase the atmosphere it may not be much of a problem at all.

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