Nas - I Can

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  1. Nas - I Can

    Nas - I know I can.

  2. sad (i can)cain.number 2 o no.throw in junk in the hole.
  3. nothing mate just the messages you get from him.
  4. B2LY,
    A very encouraging song~
    Thank you!

    The Truth hurts, hmmm?
  5. truth is truth,lies are just lies,to see and divide them is a Jesus touch.
  6. sometimes the door slams in your face,before it shuts.:)
  7. they promote b,etc satan keeps christians down,while he takes youngsters who believe him.bit sick really.but i guess this is how cain is twisting things,making us sin while he becomes righteous.always ask like john says do they believe that Jesus was raised from the dead.otherwise it,s phoney.
  8. Me and my friend were listening to that song once and recording, when out of no where the song stopped..a demonic voice came on saying "Testing 1,2,3" then a bunch of jibberish. Really messed up
  9. to many phoney songs out there that children believe.
  10. We are not the Descerner of hearts, HE is.

    That's why our opinions confuse people.

    And the Word of God is the sword because it is not our opinion of the gospel, it is designed to WORK.


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