Name Function and Significance!!

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  1. Name Function and Significance!!

    Name Function and Significance

    1. Ark of the Covenant • A golden rectangular box that contained the Ten
    • Symbolized God’s covenant with Israel’s people
    • Located in the Most Holy Place

    2. Atonement Cover • The lid to the Ark of the Covenant
    • Symbolized the presence of God among his people
    Curtain • The curtain that divided the two sacred rooms of the
    Tabernacle—the Holy Place and the Most Holy Place
    • Symbolized how the people were separated from God
    because of sin

    3. Table • A wooden table located in the Holy Place of the Tabernacle.
    The Bread of the Presence and various utensils were kept
    on this table.

    4. Bread of the Presence • Twelve loaves of baked bread, one for each tribe of Israel
    • Symbolized the spiritual nourishment God offers his people

    5. Lampstands and Lamps • A golden lampstand located in the Holy Place, which held
    seven burning oil lamps
    • The lampstand lit the Holy Place for the priests

    6. Altar of Incense • An altar in the Holy Place in front of the curtain
    • Used for burning God’s special incense and symbolic
    of acceptable prayer

    7. Anointing Oil • A special oil used to anoint the priests and all the pieces
    in the Tabernacle
    • A sign of being set apart for God

    8. Altar of Burnt Offering • The bronze altar outside the Tabernacle used for the
    • Symbolized how sacrifice restored one’s relationship with

    9. Basin • A large washbasin outside the Tabernacle used by the
    priests to cleanse themselves before performing their duties
    • Symbolized the need for spiritual cleansing

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