Mystery Babylon

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  1. I was thinking through some recent current events and the church's response to such and it got me thinking (and that's not always a good thing to do..). ;)

    The crux of "Babylon" is 3 fold control over people as a way to rule unimpeded. Government, religion, and commerce. State controlled religion is a key component to cementing this power over the population.... People won't die for randomness and they won't bow down to good intentions and well wishing.

    We gasp in horror when we see prominent clergy and religious leaders embracing ecumenism and the old "all religions are a path to God" saw....

    I am coming to realize that we are not the intended audience, though.

    The intended audience is the powerful leaders... They need the assurance that "religion" is under control and in line... That when asked - their population will line up to go to war for their God at the command of the religious leadership or they will embrace whatever new social policy comes down the pipe with sufficient obeisance and deference to our God appointed leadership.

    That's the audience and why they do it... It's not to try to get us to change our minds on salvation through the blood of Jesus alone. It's to show that they still understand the game and who is in charge.

    As an aside... It's kinda fun to notice that in the Babylonian system - the priesthood always follows the money and the power. Where is the money and the power shifting towards?
  2. First and foremost, money flows to government because they have to have their cut, or else. Then they use it with the intention of reducing risk in life, whether to itself (it's first priority) or it's supporters. The social safety net, public servant's (what a laugh that is) pensions for life, labor unions (which were not bad until they became an arm of the government), regulations, seat belts, etc., etc., etc. Remember when seat belts were those annoying things you had to sit on when you crammed the family's 4 or 5 kids in the back seat? It's amazing any of us who were around for the moon landing are still alive since the government wasn't yet encroaching on every facet of our lives, telling our parents how to raise their kids. I wonder who was guiding them?
  3. Blessed are the poor in Spirit; the meek shall inherit the (New) Earth because it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a wealthy man to get into heaven. The rich generally don't NEED God, but would rather play god. Remember this in your coming trials, tribulations, & persecutions when you stand before the earthly judge and are guilty on this earth; vengenece is the LORD's, He will repay. Be angry and sin not; but remember, He that is in you is greater and greater is your reward in the next life. Do not give false honor to those who rule this world, but honor and respect the One who can destroy the flesh and the Soul. Don't be afraid of the human who can kill you in this life.....

    Only in Christ can we accomplish this.
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  4. Good question, answer, Rome;) Read Keys of the Blood by the esteemed Jesuit priest Malachi Martin and get all the details.

    With that said, Babylon finds its origins in Babel, which brings us back to the tower of Babel. In that story from Genesis, they wanted to build a tower up unto heaven. They were trying to escape the judgement of God who just destroyed the world by flood. It was a sign of rebellion. In his mercy, God did not condemn them but frustrated their efforts by confusing their languages, hence the word babel.

    Today, "Babylon" is building that tower again for the same reasons. Rev 17's Babylon represents religious/secular powers who are united but yet confused.. confused on doctrine, and confused on truth. Some speak one thing, others another and for a time, they cannot communicate effectively to build their ecumenical tower. But nevertheless, they will build and God's sheep are in this system (Rev 18:4).

    In Acts 19:32 , we have an account where the multitude unite yet they knew not for what reason they were brought together. "Some therefore cried one thing, and some another: for the assembly was confused: and the more part knew not wherefore they were come together." They were brought together to persecute God's true people, in this case Paul. This little purview teaches us what will happen in the last days. Oh if we would realize that prophecy is not for others, but for ourselves and our own edification, to prepare a people to meet their Lord.

    "The meek shall inherit the earth"

  5. 'Every man also to whom God hath given riches and wealth,
    and hath given him power to eat thereof,
    and to take his portion,
    and to rejoice in his labour;
    this is the gift of God.
    For he shall not much remember the days of his life;
    because God answereth him in the joy of his heart.'

    Hi @Brother_Mike_V,

    It is not for us to generalize concerning those who have wealth, God's door is open to all who wish to enter, through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Rich or poor we all have the same experiences in life, we are all subject to the same illnesses, suffer bereavement and loss, know happiness and joy.

    The rich have opportunity to give to a greater degree, and many do. You can't judge a book by it's cover, and only the Lord knows the heart.

    There is no honour simply in being poor.

    In Christ Jesus
  6. Well it all started in the middle east, it'll all end in the middle east. Start in Genesis 8 and work back to Genesis 1 and pay attention to the theme of each chapter and you'll see how it'll all turn out. :D
  7. One mistake that is quite short sighted on our part is assuming that Rome holds the monopoly on the religious portion of Babylon.... It's simply not true...

    Our beloved Protestant denominations are clearly in on the action as well. There is a gigantic amount of government money funding "church" social programs for most large denominations. Over $1 billion/year in the USA alone. It's no surprise that these same denominations quietly ensure the government gets whatever it wants.

    Tell me if any of this sounds familiar....

    Gut wrenching issues are turned into academic and definitional points which bore or confuse people and ensure that no action happens....

    Important issues are distanced from "us". It's a "them" problem not an "us" problem.

    External concerns that would unite the body are transformed into internal bickering and rock throwing over definitions, names, and doctrinal points - once again ensuring that the focus is on in-fighting rather than unification.

    There may be noisy cries for something to be done - but that "something" simply boils down to hand wringing.

    How about.... Since salvation is only through faith alone - we should disdain "works" of any sort... It doesn't matter what you accomplish or where you stand in real life.... What matters is what is in your heart...

    Even though there is plenty of noise and calls from the pulpit that "something" needs to change - that something is never concretely advocated as what WE need to do. Persuasion is carefully used to make sure nothing concrete really happens.

    The messages from the pulpit are carefully crafted to ensure that no one puts together the actual meaning of "Take up your cross" .... Crafted to ensure that doing is disdained for thinking.


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