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  1. Okay, we're out of the neurologist office and he is ordering an MRI which is standard. He is doubling her depression medication as her depression is hitting her hard. He is also prescribing a sleep aid as she is unable to sleep (by-product of the depression) and it also doubles as a depression medication.

    So this is our plan of attack.
  2. Still praying for you guys.
  3. You're both still in my prayers.
  4. God is with you guys. Things may be rough now but he is faithful and has the best in mind for you.
  5. Will continue prayers
  6. Been a long time since I've posted anything here, but my heart goes out to your wife. I suffer from depression and severe anxiety. For the longest time I couldn't see what was making me become more and more erratic. More desperate. Unable to sleep. Relationships going to pot. Several people, including doctors, tried to tell me I had depression. I literally laughed them off. I was prescribed antidepressant after antidepressant trying to find one that didn't make me sick. No luck. I refer to them as voodoo pills anymore. When depressed I just try and ride it out......gotta end sometime I tell myself. Anxiety, on the other hand, can be "pilled" with Xanax.
    Anyway the real reason I'm posting is that I was looking to find my source of depression/anxiety and it all pointed to absolute betrayel through childhood sexual assault. I had so completely buried my trauma that I literally thought I was going to die when I finally came out of denial. It was an overwhelming and soul wrenching experience. All the dpression/anxiety is still there. At least I now know the cause. Many, many people were molested and simply cannot confess/ reveal/deal with it. Unfortunately. At some point You may have to ask your wife about anything in her childhood she may not be dealing with. Many , many victims protect their perpetrator beause they love them.
    I'm not saying this is your wife's problem or secret.....but it very well could be. It may take years from even now for her to say anything. Going to take much, much patience and love with abundant undertanding if this indeed hppened to her. My prayers go out to you. Takes courage beyond earthly ability to approach a loved one about this.
  7. Thank you for your reply, but that is not what happened with her. I have asked her before concerning what you mentioned and she said no. She would definitely tell me if it had happened.

    Her depression started when her parents divorced when she was around nine years old. When she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis it only became worse. There's the psychological aspect to it, but with MS depression is also physiological as well. Lesions on certain parts of the brain can cause depression.
  8. Well, I think we can pray that God heals your wife of the feeling that she was betrayed.
    I guess she needs to let go of her parents and realise that if she is a child of God that Jesus says he will never leave her nor forsake her.
    We can feel depressed when we are forsaken, which prolly what happened with your wife.
  9. She has been in counseling for months and before she started back up again, years.

    As I said in my reply above, it's not just her parent's divorcing, but also the multiple sclerosis that plays a much larger part. Since the multiple sclerosis is also a physiological component, it's not just about letting go of things as it's physical in nature.
  10. Why are you telling us this, just wondering?
    I mean, in the general discussion?
    Shouldnt this go in the marriage part of the forum?
    Does she know you go on here and talk about her?
    Im sorry I just dont know anything much about MS. Im sure theres support groups you can join that be able to help you cope as caregiver.
    i did give you a link previously about it, but Im not really sure what else to say. A merry heart is good medicine. Does she like funny movies?
  11. Patch Adams.
    Look whos talking
    ....just trying to think of funny movies to cheer your wife up.
  12. The Parent Trap
    Freaky Friday
  13. Night at the Museum
    short circuit
    Meet the Parents
  14. Footloose
    Born Free
    Milo and Otis
    Dolphin Tale
  15. Recently heard Paddington Bear is really good.
  16. A broken spirit drieth up the bones. not be wise in your own eyes. Fear the lord and turn away from evil. It will bring healing to your body and nourishment to your bones.

    Jesus says a bruised reed he will not break.
    If your wife needs words of encourgament suggest you say them to her when shes feeling down.
    Also happy music is good. I suggest Carpenters. Esp song 'sing'. When we are happy and singing that is bringing health to our bodies and lungs.

    I used to be on depression meds and doctors would double and triple it just cos told them was feeling down, and it just made it worse.

    It took a while but learned that Gods grace was so that...with faith I kept on, and He got me off meds and stable. And I learned what God says trumps what any doctor says.
  17. Its awful to feel this way and then your family dont know what to do when you sick. They dont need to do much just be there and cheer me up.
    I learned also to rely on God as he cares. cast all my cares upon him as he cares for me. hes up 24/7 and does not ever get tired. When was feeling depressed, it got my mum down too cos she always felt she had to look after me. Do not fall into the trap of being someone elses caregiver if they themselves ignoring God. Not saying this is your wife, but it is just too much for anyone person and not your burden, and also, not fair to you or your children. You also must have a life.
  18. Funny face
    Sound of Music
  19. Singin in the rain

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