My Wife is Enroute to the Hospital

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  1. My wife has hit her breaking point with her illness after the birth of our son. She has been steadily getting worse over the past two weeks.

    She can no longer hold her bladder or bowels, she can hardly stand up let alone walk, she has generalized weakness, she is in severe pain and her mind will not quiet down. She is also emotionally wrecked because of all this.

    So we called an ambulance to come and get her because she wants me to sleep and if they admit her, then come over.

    She knows that I am burning out quickly, as getting up all night long to take care of our son and then only getting about 3 hours of sleep at night is quickly getting me to my breaking point.

    I am trying to stay emotionally strong for her, but it is getting so very hard with all that is on my plate right now.

    The one good thing is that my mom will be watching our daughter over the weekend and longer if need be.
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  2. Praying for you and your wife.
  3. Wow, I can't even begin to imagine what this must be like.

    Just sent up a quick prayer for you!
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  4. There has been a lengthy conversation on healing in another thread.. Setting aside everything, time for everyone in CFS to pray..

    praying for you! Stay strong..
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  5. Father, we lift up sister right now.. Lord, bring strength to her body.. Bring comfort to the soul.. Bring peace to the heart.. Not just for her, but everyone involved in this.. Bring comfort to everyone helping around with things.. Bring healing to the body.. Give wisdom to the doctors involved in this.. Let Your hand be evident all through this. Let Your name be glorified all through this.. Let everyone say "Lord healed her". Let her be a testimony for what You are going to do her.. We commit her into your hands.. Body, spirit and soul..Anoint her with your Spirit.. Strengthen with your Spirit.. We ask it in the name of Jesus.. Amen
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  6. Praying for you and your wife. And your baby to be. As lean on the Lord. For guidance and support. As He will help you all along the way. Let us know how it goes.
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  7. May God be with you both.
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  8. It sounds like you're both having a terribly tough time; many prayers for you both.
    May God watch over you.
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  9. I am in accordance with everyone in this thread.

    I hope and pray God Almighty will pour out His Spirit Unto you, your wife, and family bringing peace and healing. Amen.
  10. Your in our prayers
  11. Father we lift up this wonderful woman of God to you and thank You for her and for You wonderful love for her and her family! We thank You that no weapon formed against her shall prosper, and that by the Blood of Jesus and His stripes she is healed! Father i ask that Your supernatural healing balm of Gilead be poured out in abundance upon her and that Your peace that passes all of her understanding fills her. She is Your sheep and she knows Your voice, and we know that it is Your desire that she be made whole! Father i thank You for helping her to know the truth, and that truth to set her free. I thank You Father for giving her long life to take care of her family! I thank you that Your Words are like medicine to all her flesh, and food for her spirit! Body in the Mighty Name of Jesus i command you to line up with the Word of The Living God! And ms i command you to loose her and set her free! You have no authority over a child of the Living God!! Thank you Father for sending Your ministering angels to her hospital room to minister healing unto her body! Father we give You all of the Glory, in Jesus Mighty Name, Amen!
  12. I am praying!
  13. Thank you everyone for your prayers. She is home now, but will likely be going back to the hospital as the ER doctor did not do as she wanted, which was admit her so she can get her three days of solumedrol. He only ordered one dose of prednisone intravenously and then sent her home with a script for one weeks worth of prednisone.

    From experience we know this is not a strong enough course of steroids to stop her flair up.

    This has happened before where they sent her home even though we had told them what was the right way of handling her multiple sclerosis. It took going back the next day and finding a doctor willing to listen to her patient before she was admitted and received what she needed.

    So, later on she will likely be going back and hopefully this time she will be admitted and get what she needs.
  14. I'm still praying for you guys. I know it seems cliche but tell her to act/ even pretend (if she doesn't believe) that Jesus is right there with her, at her side. Tell her to converse with Him and have chats. Isa 53:5 is well known, but what most people don't know about the verse is that word "stripes" has a root word meaning of "unite/bind together/be joined/to have fellowship with". Literally, spending time with God in fellowship is what heals. Have her imagine herself healed. Faith is the substance - the goo - needed to make visible the things not seen, i.e. her healed self. Understand that in heaven there's no MS, right? Jesus' prayer was that God's will be done on earth as it is in heaven. It's not positive thinking, it's right believing. God bless you both. (y)
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  15. Praying for continual strength for you and your wife.
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  16. Thank you for the update! I will be continuing to pray for you and her and your family! Blessings my friend!
  17. Praying!
  18. Praying! Be strong brother.
  19. Thank you for the update.
    God answers all prayers. (y)
  20. There is a medical term for this, and I can not remember what it is right now. Most woman right after birth have this problem, and some have it just before delivering children. If you are not aware of this it can cause fear that something is very wrong and life threatening. I have two daughter in laws that suffered this right after delivering my grand children just a month ago, and both of them were in the hospital for two days. Please keep us informed as to how she is doing.

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