My Voice

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  1. My Voice

    Hi guys.
    I need a bit of help / advice.
    I really want to tone my voice and be able to project my voice.
    I'm really quite and don't have a tone in my voice.

    Can anyone help me on this ?

  2. Hmmm.....maybe you just have a naturally quiet voice?

    :guitar:Sing really loud to your music!!!

  3. I've done that, I get a sore throat lol.
    I think I talk with not much confidence, I need to break out of it :(
  4. Hey, some girls really like the shy men!;)
  5. Practice in front of a mirror. I've also heard recording yourself can really help.
  6. This may be of assistance... :)

  7. try a voice scale
  8. Pastor Gary I thought that was your ear-horn!
  9. maybe you need to sing more at home, and than you will more loudly in the church than you think ;)
  10. You need to provide a place for the tone to be formed and to be projected.

    Some suggestions. An obvious one (not meant to be smart on my part) is to open your mouth. I find it's the single most reason singers have trouble being heard.

    Second, open your throat. This isn't as obvious. An example would be when you yawn. Try placing the tip of your tongue against the back of your bottom teeth and yawn. You should feel your throat open.

    Try singing Ahh as you normally would, then try my suggestions.
  11. HisManySongs as usual your suggestions are excellent but I still like Pastor Gary's bullhorn !LOL!
  12. You have the sme problem I do. Somes times I think my name is "What?" hehe

    When I raise my voice up, people think that:
    a. I'm in a bad mood
    b. I'm angry
    c. I'm stressed
    STRESSED???!!!!! Yeah, because U CAN'T HEAR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I could use a horn...........thanks for that idea Paster Gary!
  13. I have tried this, and I choke.
    Should I carry on because my voice isn't used to going on a higher level ??

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