My utmost for his highest - Do you read it?

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  1. I have recently started reading Oswald Chambers' daily devotional. Isn't this guy amazing? In just few lines, he captivates us with so much truth! Sometimes I have to read it many times to understand the fullness of the meaning!! Have you tried it? If not, I would strongly recommend it.
  2. I do not, but I did start reading "Satan, You Can't Have My Day" by Iris Delgado.
  3. C'mon Rav - give us a link :):):). If you are impressed, I am sure I will find it valueable.
  4. Yes, I read it, have recently got back into it. Amazing, edifying, great devotional.
  5. You always make me feel good :) :)

    Here it is -
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  6. The Utmost devotional is actually a collection of pieces from Oswald's other writings that his wife put together after he died. Discovery House Publishers has a lot of his books.
  7. There is a bio of him somewhere that I want to read.
  8. I did like what I was reading. I tried to register but all the usernames came back invalid - is there a trick to registering? It won't even take my real name.
  9. I don't know! I have never registered. The daily devotionals are available free without any registration. I have never tried registering.
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  10. I just have the book (hardcopy). Found in the Salvation Army op shop. You can get free bibles from there too.

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