My Thread Of Introduction

Discussion in 'New Members Welcome' started by Promise, Jun 10, 2010.

  1. My Thread Of Introduction

    Hello everyone. My name's Desiree.
    I just joined this site in hopes of creating a relationship with God. Now, I am saved, but I need to be honest and admit I don't act very much like a Christian should. I'm ashamed of myself so I'm going to start over in my faith. Ask for forgiveness and change my attititude and actions. I was hoping to find fellowship and support here. I've got a lot of questions about God, and the bible and stuff. I know some of them probably can't be answered but I at least want to try to find people that can help me grow in some aspect.

    I'm just a sixteen year old girl, currently residing in Texas till July (vacation of sorts), and I have a lot of hobbies. I like to read, write, and study languages. I love learning, find psychology fascinating, and play video games. My favorite movies are The Dark Knight, Avatar, and Alice in Wonderland.

    Wel... I don't really know what else to write. lol. Guess I'll wrap this up then. I'm happy to be here.


    P.s: My username is promise because I think giving your life over to God is like an ultimate promise, sorta. :)
  2. Hey Desiree! Call me Katie :)

    Sometimes, people think that once you accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior, there will be immediate changes. Oh, there are, trust me. But it's a 2-way relationship. You have to do some work, and God has to do some work. If it's just one person doing all the work in a relationship, it won't succeed. So sometimes, you gotta give up on some things. Maybe it's TV, computer, whatever.

    Anyways, God's glad that you are making an effort. Trust me, once you fall in love with Jesus, you won't regret it. It took hard work for me to fall in love with God. It took months, and months. I dug in the Word, worshipped my God. And eventually, fell in love with an amazing God!

    Before you continue to post, please check out the following links!:


    Enjoy :)
  3. Welcome to CFS and we are glad you found us and joined.

    The most wonderful thing about God is that He accepts us as we are...Just as we are. The changing work is the Holy Spirit's job. None of us are perfect and we all at one time or another act out of Christian character. But we have the blood of Jesus who continuously washes us. We confess that sin to God and the relationship is restored. So, just allow the Holy Spirit of God to do His job and you open up your heart to the changes. It takes a lifetime.

    God bless,

  4. Amen, Godbe4me :) :) :) :)
  5. Hi Promise. Your doing the right thing by starting over asking for forgiveness and changing your attitude. Im proud of you. Well this site has a lot of knowledgeable people that love the Lord. So yeah stick around and grow with all of us. We are all ways are learning something new about God. God ROCKS!! I just wanted to say WELCOME to CFS. You go girl! Gos Bless you.

    Chili out.
  6. Welcome to CFS,

    what kind of video games?

    God Bless .

  7. Hello girlie and a big ol' southern welcome to bout making this site your home away from home?? okie dokie??
    BTW, I'm puppy:)
  8. Hi Promise
    Its really lovely to have you with us ..... fellowship and support are things this forum does extremely well !!!

    Look forward to seeing more of you on here
  9. Welcome to CFS
  10. [​IMG]

    So glad to have you.

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