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  1. i repented in 2006 and noticed a double rainbow,my name is michael and this theory might seem strange.
    my theory is the rainbows used to hold darkness and light.
    ie married and single.
    ie Michael and Samuel.
    m and s.
    God said he parted the waters from the waters,and the firmanent was good.
    ie God liked single and marriage.
    you can take which is darkness and light at a pinch.
    so the atan seed sinario is debunked,unless the end of humanity went back in time.
    and if so the future holds the athiests.oops sorry scientists,oops pardon the pun.
    it seems a reasonable explanation what says you.?
  2. Are you talking about Genesis 3 and what God said to Eve?
  3. I like this line even though my interpretation might be different than your intention. :)

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