My Testimony

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  1. My Testimony

    Hi. I am a born again Christian. I write spiritual articles for the purposes of sharing my experiences and testimony, and also with the hope of helping people come to know and experience the love of God as I have. God has transformed my life from the ordinary to the extraordinary, and it is my hope that these articles will be read by as many people as possible. I pray that whoever reads them will be blessed in all abundance, and that they will receive all that is rightfully theirs.

    These articles I believe are inspired to me by the Holy Spirit of God, and I trust that they will help enlighten readers to His great many truths that are so lovingly given to us in the Bible.

    May God bless you all on your journey of faith, and may you all come to know the Will of God in your lives. Let the transformation begin!

  2. You know brother, the Bible was written by man and inspired buy GOD. just like you are writing your testymony. Ah yes, the Lord still is workin on our lives and still inspiring us to write it down:smiley10:
    Keep up the good work my brother from another mother!!!!!
    hey call me Chili. All my friends do so you might as well too:smiley90:

    God bless you Sheppard

    Chili out
  3. We're so happy you found our forum! It's a wonderful place, full of beautiful Christians, from whom I've learned so much. Sounds like you will fit in just fine.

    Looking forward to reading your work.

    Blessings, Cheri

  4. [​IMG]

    It is wonderful to have you here with us!
  5. Hey welcome to our forums...Its great to have you as part of our forums...

    God Bless
  6. So glad you decided to join us.

  7. Welcome to CFS.
    GBU Tavy
  8. [​IMG]

    I met a very good, Christian cyber friend,and we have been friends for over a year now.

    She writes 'poems' to reach the unsaved, and she has an internet site...

    Such a blessing,and I will be looking forward to your articles....

    Oh, by the way, I'm fairly new myself...

  9. Welcome to the forum, we all look forward to getting to know you better!

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