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My stuff

Discussion in 'Site Showcase' started by Arenlor, Mar 16, 2007.

  1. My stuff

    http://doumc.com is my church site, it has a forum and chat on it that I'm gonna open source once I get around to it, check out the youth page, it autoprunes old dates, I can send the php and mysql for that to anyone, it's open source ^_^, and I now need to learn how to do the one thing for the adult page that I wanted to do, it's JS so I'll ask on the hacker's site I belong to. http://ministry.arenlor.com trying to get wordpress installed on there, but it does have it's own forum, and a wiki, you're all welcome to join the wiki, the wiki has bible tags
    <bible>Rev 1:1</bible><bible ver="KJV">John 3:16</bible> and <bible ver="72">Genesis 1:1-3</bible>
    those are how to use it. The wiki is an open wiki in a Christian context so make an entry on anything you want, your site, your name, anything, but keep it Christian.
  2. Good work, Arenlor. I had planned to install wiki here too but after an attack on the servers by hackers, I dropped the plan. :eek: Like the one on yours this forum had been using phpbb for sometime in the begining and later we switched to vBulletin. I recommend it to anyone. At this stage, I would suggest that you find out how well the activity on your forum goes and later consider the paid ones. :)
  3. If all goes well I'll just switch to the OpenSource I'm building, but yes, if you wish to, I can host a wiki for this site, I have 1000 gigs bandwidth of which I use about 200 megs at most a month. And an insane 10 gigs of space.
  4. Thanks for the offer, Arenlor. As of now I blessed with a small but sufficient account. I see you have updated your site. Its starting to look better.

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