My Storm Has Come; Please Pray For Me :/

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  1. I remember having dreams a while back or twisters, four mini twisters that combined into a huge tornado. And my pastor told me it was a storm coming my way, a test of my faith. Well it's here and it's already overwhelming ... and the worst part is its only the beginning.
    I feel like if I go through it , It's gonna make me crazy. Been having horrid panicky feelings come on, yet I know its an attack from Satan b/c when I'd get horrible thoughts ... I'd twick or jerk, and if I say is Jesus lord? they'd respond no.

    Its been really tough, like to the point I've lost my appetite, eating , which was a hobby for me, is now a chore.... so I just need pray I make it through this storm with my mind intact.

    Thank you all <3
  2. * meant to say prayer, I need prayer*
  3. I'm sorry to hear that you're going through this. I'll pray for you.
    I would suggest that you give up your fear, the fear itself is often as much or more of a burden
    than the thing feared. Put the problem in God's hands and He will help you deal with it.
  4. Going through a storm with the Lord (y). Is like having a personal trainer helping you with the weights at the gym. You come out stronger and pumped!

    Going through a storm without the Lord is like having the weights slip out your hands and fall on your feet (n).

    Just put Christ on daily and you will be just fine!
  5. "What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?" (Romans 8:31)

    No matter what is happening, if we stay with God, He does all He is committed to, with us.

    Have you read Genesis chapters 37-50? This shows how a trouble can be God's set-up for us to have more and better than the problem "is allowed to" away.

    Give it all, give it all,
    give it all to our Lord Jesus,
    and He will make all the difference
    in all we give to Him.

    So, let's give all, let's give all
    to Christ our King and our Groom,
    and He will lead us in love dance,
    every footstep shared with Him . . .
    through it all - - through it all,
    though there be more problems to give Him,
    there will be blessings gift-wrapped within them
    as He feeds us His own love to live.

    So, let's give all, let's give all
    to Jesus who loves us within us,
    and He will make all the difference
    in all we give to Him :)
  6. I will pray for you.We are with you.You will make it through this storm.If you want to interpret your dream, then you should check It is a good resource.
  7. Your minister, IMO, shouldn't have said that. Its like when a doctor tells someone they have only so long to live :(

    The power of suggestion can be a bad thing. I challenge you to keep your thoughts in captivity. If you think troubles will come to you, more than likely they will. Please try considering beautiful thoughts of a bless'd day.

    I will go pray for you right now, and I believe you will pull yourself up, hold your chin up, look just above the horizon, and see better things to come :^)
  8. oops - - - I meant to write, that God can use a problem to set us up with "more and better than the problem 'is allowed to' take away."

    "Love never fails." (in 1 Corinthians 13:8)

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