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  1. First post

    I've been working on poetry for the last two years and would like to share some here now and again.

    Home as I'll ever be

    Seemlessly wanted the scenery
    and got all the symbolism literally
    its not like there was a place where I could stand
    to be the subject of anothers gaze
    as I was just trying to let go easily
    to be amazed

    Tables turning. ambitions burning.
    ashes stirring. maybe learning.
    while my ego feeling the blow with words I say

    Be careful not to get my hopes up too high
    I might just try to fly
    and find that all my dreams are someone else's lie
    naive to believe that the adventure awaiting me, would grow to become theme parks
    walmarts, well versed nursery rhymes for hate mongerers that make for a claim that robbery is a way of life
    whats out of reach never seems what its worth
    do I really want to know what its like to experience birth
    why do I think I don't remember
    to find that I'm a statistic, demographic in what seemed so unique. earth
    and cries are just someone's burden
    no more reaching up high, to raise expectations to a youth that grow up to abandon all wonder but still want to justify their life full of unappreciation.
    just another man at work
    And all was wanted was to see the trees in the forest I once saw home
    something well learned
    and all I wanted was to feel like I'm not alone
    live expressions grandiose like ocean waves, come back hitting full force
    Wanted to know it was well worth the fight
    drained of everything called life just to know I can feel alright
    Here comes an army of a critic to set things right, pillage and mock
    sarcasm and pettiness insues, to know that someone else felt more alive
    I don't want to continue carefully with every word
    I don't want to grow old before I see the season blossoming. The leaves falling in the midst of being alone.
    Like those around me
    reminded of their beauty turned to insults pulled them down just like an accussation turned around.
    always someone coming to make kids sad, and abandon hope?
    It was hope what was heard in the laughter as the scenery reflected a seemlessly ordinary day.
    and yet the one we'd like to remember the most.
    I don't know if I'll ever see the day of walking by the trees and listening to the reverie prose of simplicity. being enough of meaning
    to belong seemlessly, long and far removed from any meaning but filled with the delight of the sway of wind moving the trees to let go of
    leaves as I'm honored to enjoy the shower passing underneath
    Satisfied as I'll ever be
    Home as I'll ever be

    Plain Sight

    I remember when I was
    younger everything was fine like wine
    and I couldn't tell the difference
    how so many things could seem
    right if the world noticed what's in plain sight
    didn't know that fire and cold
    you live by, they exist to let you feel
    both in the splendor of comfort of warmth and breeze of the wind in presence of timeless innocence of water
    ocean tides
    the innate recollections of a return to stillness as the trees have more to say when my old patterns, prenotion, don't inquisite.
    dumbfound to make articulate interests,
    coherent is less than specific
    present is lived in a free unmeasured second,
    Minutes are a suprise to find meaningless
    time.. time.. tied when moments leading to moments
    is a recipe for existance?
    method has always stood place
    spontaneous, spontaneous, sponsor and give yourself a wake up call
    when rehearsing lost its flare, and losing run its course.
    Hiding in plain sight, And with new clothes, no longer hiding
    Odd what I look like, one jacket, pair of shoes, pants. and shirt.
    turns out I was never the person wearing the clothes.
    I wore something else, something entirely different and there was me, another person


    This is what the day has brought
    the days that are good I forgot
    what is special about me
    is nothing
    but in life there is something to be remembered
    something to be forgotten
    something to be kept
    something to be discarded

    I'm not waiting for the snare
    if I'm not waiting for people

    god will increase my yield
    and signs and images
    will not replace what is
    always there

    So much can be easily
    without one realising it
    Its best to stay positive
    and to stay positive
    I have to be clean
    and alert

    Breathing Instead of Lies

    Well atleast I get to see the show
    and its good like I know
    chance we meet, the person writing this
    won't recognize me
    like to have some life improvement
    simplifying my perception
    my vacation is a regular day
    finally got back to caring
    off to better things
    though far away
    For a guy who blew it
    can really use it
    properly, exit quietly
    alive , confidence , passive
    who cares who sees me
    who cares I'm breathing

    trade my words
    for the warmth of breathe
    reaching in the forest
    a moment brightens red
    a place I found rest, I felt it once
    a sigh of embarassment, spent so many years
    trying to be alone. people I noticed brushed up on me, distant relatives, wish they'd knew me.
    manage stress, manage bills, manage to live to feel something real thats worth emotion, more than I care to give away
    priceless, the day that changed me
    whatever way was broken, it was worth being homeless
    I see how simple it was, and yet simple still is.
    to come back to who I am, thought I'd never see again. I thought I lost
    my only friend and couldn't afford to mourn someone only I would notice
    the only one who asked how I am, and didn't judge me for answering honestly.
    I'm not well and theres someone who didn't walk away
    He knew me and yet I forgot he ever existed
    a fable for listening attentive ears?
    a role model for the fatherless?
    Someone to know as I grow older
    sometimes life leaves an answer to all my whys
    forgotten, a trampled memory.
    of someone who was on their way to being someone I know is me
    collided in the wrecklessness of an aging desperate who saw an opportunity impatient to get to it before I knew I had developed potential and realize it.

    crash colliding reaching far
    the person I knew, never again did I see but drowning, buried in a bad dream of disable, handicap gesturing. a part of a life no longer any way
    to notice that it was, once the best I could hope to remember. me, my best. is the past, a grave. that never cries, facial muscles, and the head thats
    left me with no reminder what personal space is like, I'm no longer, a me I can identify as nearing complete, coherent, feeling, distance is no such thing
    in my permanent of being suprised but unable to notice the car accident I walked away from, too disoriented to assess the damage of what no longer there I can identify
    my sensitive spirit excited to live
    injured and never could believe he knew what it was like to be alive. sensitive no more, can barely recognize I wouldn't know what to do with more
    or feel what its like

    I'll be posting more as time passes

    Here's a link to my works online
  2. Welcome!! :D

    I have to hand it to artists! I can't write worth a hoot! :)
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  3. Welcome again To cfs. Thank you for taking the time to post your valuable work. I'm sure many will be blessed and moved in some way by it.

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  4. thanks, I'll be taking a look around and see what topics I'd like to share and discuss.
    definitely keep positive.
    added a number of new poems today.
    I'll add a few more while I'm posting.

    New Currency

    oh how I dreamed that we could make ends meet so easily and see each other happy with doors open to the struggling to have that sensation
    to some so familiar, we take for granted and yet unsavored or known to those left out to work.
    I wouldn't know, I'm a stranger to myself. I come here dressed like I could care less. but
    I care, care.
    no more do I make efforts for gestures of a generosity that generations used to make the sound of a thank you
    if I saw someone's cell phone on the floor, I don't know if I should call and do what isn't done anymore, pay it forward never thought it
    would make a new currency.
    Its not like I yearn for someone to love, cuz really I'm having trouble loving me, wonder where to find what it means, I've gone mostly without the affections of that, to love, what is that?
    I don't seem to be someone, I've lost touch with the genuine and made way for a mockery, and love is one of many things I know
    its been a distance from me. How I was, thought I find it, didn't think its my crimes that got to me, and now I'm relieved to think I can see a chance to learn to walk out
    without escape,
    with the old becoming the guides of what will change my story.


    Where would the birds go if there were no trees
    if there wasn't a nest then what about families?
    you go ahead and appreciate that snowcone quickly

    as much as you take, I try to let go
    what do you take me for
    I won't bring beliefs into this matter of discourse
    human beings, you'd think you'd know
    I try to let go for what I have not

    I thought I could, no its unappreciated
    I would, I thought I would,
    Easily slip that bill into the idea of a conclusion
    a question, and yet resolution ?
    drunkard when theres nothing worth living for
    let go of obscenities

    This one post that fit the idea of good Christian morals

    Christian Thoughts

    on what is good and forget about filth
    and what excites the night
    for I might change my mind

    live like the day
    and be familiar with it

    do not mind the disturbances
    of others
    for there is nothing to gain
    from them if you are in a
    safe place

    live as one knows is right
    and let live

    do not be overlooking of inequity
    and corruption unless you forget
    what it is and what it looks like

    Do not be intoxicated by pride
    or ideas of indestructability

    every moment is rich with life
    for those who live their ways
    in it and that lead to life

    what is righteousness but the constant
    walking towards what is upright and good

    Don't mind others and they wont
    mind me but I mind myself

    Awareness is like wine
    meant to be saved
    for the right occasion

    There are many places for
    the humble when humility is
    considered and stored

    humbleness and humility doesn't
    change but it will change

    youth are not aware of
    the gifts they have
    if they are not taught

    thrills and excitement arn't worth
    anger is poison to all who
    touch it
    and passion must be disciplined
    all this for tolerance for the foolish
    while they wear themselves out
    while I learn strengths that they
    might not

    Do not be prideful or envious
    for I have no glory but
    that which is given
    and it is not taken or given
    by other men

    Just like any lad in his path
    there is times when he is
    reminded of when he was
    weak in his youth

    the patient and willing to be
    corrected will stand
    within reach of peace and prosperity

    those who keep a reflection of
    themselves clean have a clean house

    with understanding comes change
    upon oneself

    laziness and sloth will not profit
    a man but that which he is avoiding

    a simple man can do complicated
    things but a complicated man
    will have trouble doing the simplest
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    God bless you abundantly!
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  6. Yes Sir We Know !!
    Just funnen with you.
    Actually Sir you have your own writing Style and it Blesses those who will be blessed.
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  7. Welcome to CFS rebornChristian28
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