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  1. my yard is a mess, i'm like a big kid I dig it up and move things around, theres dirt everywhere
    and the dogs get muddy feet and weed seeds stuck on them,
    a lot of the time the weather is sunshine and drought and I don't hose plants and they die,
    but I have this orange tree,
    brought it in a pot from somewhere, but I swear I thought it was a mandarine tree,
    So I put in the ground,
    and the ground had some pidgeon poo mixed in, great stuff pidgeon poo.
    my cousin races pidgeons.
    and I got five oranges off the tree, its only about chest high,
    but they were whoppers, I mean big like put your finger tips together that's how round they were.
    Now the tree is in flower again and i'm expecting heaps next time
    or whenever trees get fruit on them.
    My orange tree, sounds like a poem,
    I once had an orange tree
    in the yard of my dreams
    so sweet and free...blah blah
    ..can't think of another verse...
  2. It must be nice to have an orange tree like that. In the UK, some people do grow them in pots but citrus trees are not hardy enough for our winters outside. I hope you get a good crop.

    Our own fruit trees at home are apple, crab apple, pear and plum (including a damson and gages). We have tried apricot without success. They and peaches can be do very well over here (in fact my mother has fond memories of an apricot tree where she grew up) but where we are, they really do need a sheltered south facing location we can't provide.

    As for verses:

    We sometimes do get (red legged) partridges in the field but I've yet to see one in a pear tree.

    We have a little (hazel) nut tree and it did bear lots of nuts this year. Rather than the King Of Spain's Daughter visiting, our's got raided by squirrels.
  3. My dad once had a tangerine tree that gave us the most delicious tangerines every summer. We could have as many as we wanted from this tree because it had so many tangerines on it. Unfortunately one summer it just stopped producing and never had since. Those were some good tangerines though, I had got pretty good at spitting seeds too :)
  4. I would love to have a nut tree,
    once thought of mulberry trees but they stain everything
  5. Hazel (and filbert) is a good choice over here. They grow quickly as small trees and bushes and can be part of hedgerows. I'm not sure they would suit your climate though.

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