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  2. Best wishes for it.

    I think I should point out out that your link above goes to the main forum page on this site, not to

    Interesting to see where you are based btw. My natural UK instinct would have had you based in Cornwall, in S W England.
  3. I am so used to typing as soon as my fingers touch the letter 'c'. Hence the error. Thank you for pointing it out to me. We had a family business in Dubai by the name 'Cornish Aluminium'. I was very attached to the company during my young days and hence this name for my new business.
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  4. Cool! I used to live in Bahrain! I've only been to the airport in Dubai, never got to see the city though...
  5. Your Google map is not reactive with the rest of your site. So it gets lost when you go down to a mobile pone format.

    Also you need more content on the front page as the search engines will see mainly code and not much crafted copy.
  6. Dubai is a place you must see. If you travel somewhere again, make a stopover here.

    Thank you for the feedback. I was just telling my friend and partner in business about adding more content like portfolio, something about the team etc. We will be offering other services too which needs to be added.
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