my new puter

Discussion in 'Technology and Internet' started by chili, Feb 24, 2010.

  1. my new puter

    finally got my new puter. OMG she is fast as lighting. I'm still fine tuning it. I'm a bit lost with the controls as fast as she reacts. Gonna take a day or 2. But I'm baaaaaack. thanks for being patient with me, I been down for like 4 weeks. God bless you all

    Chili out:smiley60::smiley40::smiley10::smiley90:
  2. yeah you got finally got it!

    You been making yourself scarce here. I was about to send a shout out for you, or the posse :)
    I wouldn't mind being lost if I had one that reacts fast
  3. JG, congratulations, what did you end up getting, a notebook or a desktop..probably loaded with Windows 7?
  4. he's loaded alright :p
  5. What do you mean?
  6. Actually I was joking around. But his puter is loaded with lots of great things
  7. Like what?
  8. He would have to tell you what all is on it. Maybe he will next time he comes on
  9. So how did you know?
  10. We were talking about it.
  11. On the forums? If so why didnt I see it?
  12. Welcome back Chili!!!!

    Glad to see you back too Tavy, we miss you sister!!!

  13. Hey Chili . You were missed for sure but now we expect great things from you....... LOL ....


  14. And see what it came loaded with.. lol :)

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