My Loyalty, My Family.

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  1. Hi, my name is Celio, pronounced as \cheli:: o\, I am very thankful to God for having found this blissful community. I am an ordained protestant priest at my neighborhood church, where I baptized so many lives and married so many people that make me full of joy for this Lord's gift. Jesus had changed my life in many aspects, when I took this choice when I was still a young boy, and I still remember me reading every verses from the Holy Bible, every single prayer made to Jesus and to the only Lord. Now, seeing me, alone sitting in front of a backlighted monitor and lurking around this beautiful forum all the greatness of your faiths, it makes me even more strong in my caparbious creed against all the horrid, dusty, ghostly, dirt that it's made our most bastard enemy. In the meantime of my day, I play at my local soccer team as coatch, I like reading interestig historic books about Christianity, and listen to only Classical music. I'm there because I want to be more integrated in the christian worldwide community, and because I found interesting in sharing (if the clock agrees with my daily service) my personal faith with you. Thanks so much, and may you be blessed to the only Lord. Blessing.
  2. Welcome!!! :D
  3. Welcome here!
  4. Hello Celio L and apologies for the late reply, welcome to the forum....

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