My Injured Ankle

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  1. I injured my ankle back on November 29. I went to a podiatrist on December 10 and he let me know that I dislocated my ankle to the point of fracturing it, while tearing the ligaments in my ankle. He put me in a cast that I thought I was going to be in for 4-6 weeks (misunderstood him).

    I went today for a followup. The cast came off and after some more x-rays were taken, he let me know that I will need to wear a lace-up ankle brace and high top sneakers the rest of my life. That I will not be able to do physical labor anymore either because the risk of re-injuring my ankle is too great.

    I guess in a way it's a good thing that I wasn't working when this happened and wasn't sure when I would be working again since I am my wife's caregiver. However, it's still not something that I wanted to hear. The only skills that I really have are as an EMT or warehousing, and those two options are now out of the picture.

    I have been asking God for direction, but have as of yet not heard anything back.
  2. That should read almost to the point of fracturing it.
  3. I'm sorry to read about your injury and I hope and pray that you and your wife will be blessed.
  4. If you can't do your work / lose your job due to an injury, you should be able to claim disability insurance.

    Could be God setting you up for promotion or change of job. Whatever the outcome, praying for you!

    Make sure you right with God through all this! Listen to Paul in Phil 12:2. Make sure God can and will hear your prayer! John 9:31.
  5. King J, I am unable to claim disability as I do not have enough work credits in the past ten years.

    I was first a stay-at-home father for five and a half years to my children when I was with my now ex-girlfriend for ten years. That relationship ended with her being with someone else. Then the past five years I have been mostly home taking care of my wife who I met eight months after I moved to Florida and the break-up I mentioned.

    The two jobs that I did have didn't last long as they were temporary and one of them didn't pay into social security.

    My only option for government assistance is supplemental security income (SSI). It will be a fight to get it though according to a lawyer's office I spoke with.

    I have more than just my ankle though as an issue. I have a bad left hand where my middle finger is always erect because I severed the flexor tendon in 2010. So I have lost dexterity and strength in that hand. Typing on a keyboard takes me a while because of that hand, so I have no real speed or accuracy. Then I also have two bad knees that are in constant pain keeping me from being up on my feet for long periods of time or even sitting too long. I also have major depression.

    So it's not just my ankle, essentially from head-to-toe my left side of my body is shot.

    As for being right with God, I am, I guess I will hear something in His timing.

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