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    Just an FYI, I mean this with all affection and in humor -- all in good spirit...

    "One plus one equals two."

    "You're wrong. One in addition to one BECOMES two."

    :p happy hump day, friends
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  2. That is “wrong” as well : )

    “One and one cannot become two, since neither becomes two.”
    Gongsun Long (ca. 325–250 BC)
  3. Aha is exactly approximately correct. 1+1 =11, which equates (to from???) 11*1, or no, wait 11/1
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  4. LaughingHead.jpg
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  5. This is a very nice site actually. Lots of learned, patient and friendly elders we can respect. They just don't seem to always get on with each other :confused:.
  6. Or we could go binary and say

    1+1 = 10
  7. These darn sums have me :X3:.

    1 + 1 = 2
    ... 2 = 2
    ... 2/2 = 2/2
    ... 1 = 1
    ... (1 = 1) = (2 = 2) = (3 = 3) = infinity
    ... 1 = 2 = 3 = 4
    Thus... 1 + 1 = 2 = 3 = 4 = 5 = infinity
  8. God's math is awesome.

    One man + One woman = 1 flesh
    1 Flesh = 2 adults and 1 or more children
    All of them equal one family
  9. I confess that I see that as well. I wish it was not the case, but it is. Even when I tried to fix it, it was a lost cause.
  10. Some want to learn. I like to see the alternate perspectives. It helps me to understand how different people can be reached for Christ.

    Others, simply want to enforce their interpretations on others because they can't see how a person can be a Christian without full agreement with them on their entire Biblical vision. Sometimes it's arrogance, but I think usually it's fear or uncertainty. To question someone's belief often means that you are questioning their entire world view.
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  11. It makes no sense! Calvin, Stan, Major and Rusty should all be friends :whistle:.
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  12. ALL brothers in Christ should be friends. Doesn't mean they have all gotten the message.
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  13. This was a nice friendly good humoured thread.....who took it off friendly?
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  14. I blame Major. He used random distraction against me. My only weakness.
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    later perhaps
  16. I agree. See comment #10.
  17. worked!
  18. I agree with you Ban. Is this "random distraction" ??? (lol)
  19. I am with you 100% my brother. With the problems in life that I have and have had, I have no desire to make enemies of anyone whatsoever. Just like most people, I want other people to like me. I do not enjoy neither seek to be confrontational in any way.
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