My husband seems to be losing faith

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  1. My husband has several medical problems that cause him daily struggles. We started to going to church around the same time as when we got married. Since then we've had some personal struggles along with his health problems and at times he has questioned God. Now he seems to believe in God and believe the bible but he's struggling to see God's promises. He doesn't understand "hope" and cannot see hope for his future as God has not yet helped with his medical problems. I do not want to push him away from God. I do not want to turn him away from God.

    I am asking for prayers from prayer warriors that God's blessings become apparent to him, that God would restore and renew his strength and faith.

    Also prayer for me so that I do not turn him away from God. I do not know how to talk to him or help him. He is so discouraged in life because of his health problems but if he will not rely on God I don't know what advice to give him when he feels so hopeless every day!
  2. Blessings,
    You may feel that you do not know how to reach him but God does so I urge you to spend time with God and His word and allow Him to lead and guide you and pray for utterance so you can minister unto him.

    Also get your husband searching healing scriptures in God's written word. Then write them down and meditate on them day and night until you feel the breakthrough deep inside your heart and your (his)faith can grow strong enough that he can believe he received his healing such as taught in mark 11.

    Not only is reading these scriptures important but also Speaking them out loud. Constantly.

    We will be praying
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  3. Just keep walking in love and encouraging him, plus making sure to spend time alone with the father for your own strength.

    God bless you! The Holy Spirit will give you the right things to say
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