My husband is such a sweetie!

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  1. He surprised me yesterday with an overnight trip...just the two of a little place I have dubbed "Hernando's Hideaway". We were able to talk, relax, enjoy and good meal and grow closer to each other. I tell you this because a year and a half ago, my husband had an affair, and I was not at all sure we would still be together today. God has worked a very special work here, and even though there are still a few rough spots, we are working on them, through Him, and they are smoothing out. God is soooooo good!
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  2. Hiya!

    I don't know you personally/haven't interacted with you before, but I'm happy for you!:)
  3. Thanks so much!! You are in Singapore? How is life there as a Christian?
  4. Yes I am :D life's good here, but IMO a little too good. People take the faith for granted as we don't usually get persecuted here.. Was one of the main reason I backslided awhile ago :s what about the situation on your side?:)
  5. I live in a small town in the country (we have one stop light here!) and raise miniature cows, minature donkeys, a pygmy goat, 2 horses, and 2 full-size donkeys. I attend church here pretty regularly, and have worked in missions for about 25 years. People here have heard about Jesus most of their lives, and are either very interested or very disinterested. I struggle with church attendance. I have rheumatoid arthritis, and my husband is disabled, and my mom lives here, too and is unable to attend, so I can easily find excuses if I have a mind to! I take our 2 grandsons, though, and they are a motivation for me to keep going.

    I can't imagine living in a city as large as Singapore. It must be exciting, and crowded and noisy and fun all at once! I fully understand about being easy to backslide because there is no persecution. I appreciate what God has done for me, I just don't show it as much as I should. Sometimes I see myself as the lukewarm church that God would spew out because He hates that lack of committment. I hate that in me too...
  6. I think it'd be better if I moved this conversation to your profile ;) see ya in a bit!:)

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